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The IP address is one of the most commonly used IP addresses by routers and modems as their default login IP.

If you have a router that uses as the default login IP, then you’ll need to learn how to log into the router’s admin interface.

Once you’re logged in, you can configure the router settings as desired. You can also fix any connection issues that may arise while trying to connect the router to your home network.

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IP Address:
IP Address:

 How to Login to (A Step by Step Guide) 

Connect the router to your computer, either with the router cable or by connecting it to your wireless network. The router must also be powered on. Before you proceed, make sure that the router is properly connected to your home network.

Sometimes, it’s best to use a wired connection while trying to connect your router or making any changes. This helps to avoid the router from suddenly being logged out immediately you click the Save button due to weak signal on your network.

Wired connections tend to be more reliable. But if you must use a wireless connection, make sure the signal is strong and reliable.

Next, open your favorite browser and type or paste your router IP address in the address bar. In this case, the IP address is

You can find it right at the back of your router packaging. If it’s not there, you can find it on your router manual. The IP is listed as the “Default Gateway.” Make sure you input the correct IP address while typing.

You won’t be able to access the router admin panel if you mistype the address. It’s always advisable to copy-paste the router address by searching for it on your web browser.

This will ensure that no extra characters are entered or that no digits are missed.

Next, Enter your Router Username and Password. If you’ve just purchased this router, then you’ll have to use the router’s default username and password.

Most routers have the username as “admin” and the default password as “password.” If these don’t work, simply check your router packaging for the login details.
You will either find them at the back of your router or in the router manual.

Alternatively, you can type your router’s name into your browser. You’ll see the login details for your specific router model

After you’re logged in, you can now adjust your router settings. For example, you can change your SSID, which is the name of your private network that is visible to other networks within.

You should also consider changing the default username and password to something unique and hard-to-guess.

 Troubleshooting the IP Address 

If you’re unable to log in to your router using the IP address, it could be due to various reasons;

You entered the wrong username or password. If you had earlier changed your default router username and password, it’s possible you’ve forgotten the correct details.

In this case, you can hard reset the router back to its factory settings. To reset your router, simply press and long-hold the button at the back of your router for around 10seconds. Now set a new password or username

If the router login page is not loading, it’s possible that the wired or wireless connection is not active. Check whether the router is still connected to your home wifi or modem.

You’ve entered an incorrect router IP number. Like we stated earlier, you won’t be able to access the router admin page if the IP address is missing a single digit or has some foreign characters. Double check to ensure that the address you’ve entered is correct

There may be an issue between your system and the router- Sometimes, connection issues may arise due to issues between your router and system of the connected devices.

Try to do a hard reset of the connected devices and your router and then try to reconnect. This may help resolve the issue.

If the router still doesn’t connect, it could be an issue with its firmware. The router’s firmware may be old and may therefore cause compatibility issues with any connected devices.

You may want to contact your router’s manufacturer who will provide instructions on how to update the firmware.

 How to Login to Router Line 

The IP address is a private address that is commonly used by numerous routers and modems as their default login IP.

Follow the above steps to log into this router’s admin interface and configure the router to your desired settings.

If the router fails to connect, use the above troubleshooting guide to fix any issues that may arise.

Otherwise, if everything goes well, you’ll be able to access your router admin panel and make the necessary changes.

 Bottom Line 

Hopefully, you’ve learned how to set up and log into your router. The process is quite simple and of course, if you run into connectivity issues, you can always use the troubleshooting guide to fix them.

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