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The is a private IP address that is used by a lot of wireless routers and modems. The primary use of this IP is to access the router’s admin interface.

Once you access your router’s admin page, you can easily configure the router’s settings to ensure optimal functioning.

Since the IP address is primarily used as the default login for your router, here is a step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

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IP Address:
IP Address:

 How to Login Router Admin Page 

Before we explain the login process, it’s important that you find your Router’s IP Address first. Otherwise, without it, it will be impossible to access the router admin page. If you’ve forgotten your router IP address or are not sure if the address you have is the correct one, here are a few ways to find out your router’s IP address;

Check your Windows PC- If you have a Windows computer, you can check your router’s IP address by using the ipconfig command. Click “Start” and type “cmd” in the search box. Then click “Command Prompt” and type” “ipconfig.” You will see a list of IP addresses. Your router’s IP address is written on the “Default Gateway.”

On your PC, navigate to the “Network and Sharing Center” then click on the “Connections” tab to find the IP address. You will see your router’s IP address listed right under the IPv4 Default Gateway section.

Find your Router’s IP on a Mac- If you own a Mac computer, you can easily find your router’s IP address. On your computer menu, open the “System Preferences” and then click on “Network Preferences” right under the “Internet and Wireless” section. Choose “WiFi” or whichever network you’re using and then click the “Advanced” button. From the options on display, select the “TCP/IP’ tab. Next to “Router”, you will see the IP address associated with your router, which in this case is

If using a mobile phone to search for your router’s IP address, simply click on the “Advanced Properties” of the connected WiFi device to find the address

 Access the Router Admin Page 

Now that you’ve confirmed your router’s IP address, it’s time to access the admin panel so you can make the necessary changes.

1. Make Sure the Router is Powered On- Before accessing the router’s admin panel, make sure that the router is connected to a power source. You will see the power on lights as well as the LAN, WAN, and WLAN lights. Usually, the power; lights remain steady all through while the other lights keep flashing continuously

2. Next, type your router’s IP address on your favorite web browser. It’s always advisable to copy and paste the IP address instead of typing to avoid misspellings or missing characters/digits as this may bring about an error message

3. If the address you’ve typed is correct, the router login page will be displayed. On this page, you’ll need to enter your router’s username and password

4. Usually, routers come with a default username and password. The username is commonly written as “admin” while the password is written as “password.” If you’ve just purchased a new router, you can use the default login details to access the admin page.

You’ll find these details either on your router’s manual or by searching for your router online. Some websites list the default usernames and passwords associated with different router models

5. If you had earlier changed the default username and password for your router, use them to log into the admin page. Click submit and access the control panel of your router

6. On the admin page, you can configure your router settings like changing the default username and password, changing the network name, and more

 Troubleshooting Tips for 

You may encounter some issues while trying to access the router login page. Check out these troubleshooting tips to help you figure out and fix any issues that may arise;

  • You’ve mistyped the Router IP Address- This happens all the time. A single misspelling of the IP address will ultimately lead to an error message saying the page doesn’t exist. To avoid that, it’s always advisable to paste the IP address instead of typing it on your browser. If you must type, make sure you include all the correct digits and characters and double-check just in case.
  • Revert the Changes You’ve Made- If the router stops working properly right after changing the settings, you might want to consider reverting to its previous settings. That’s why it’s advisable to write down the original router settings so you can revert them in case something goes wrong
  • Reset the Router- If all the solutions you’ve tried are not working, you might want to reset your router back to its factory settings. Please note that resetting the router back to factory settings will erase any custom settings. All you have to do is press and hold the reset button for about 30 seconds. Your router will reboot. After the reboot, try connecting it once again
  • Check your WiFi Connection- If the router admin page is not working, it’s possible your wifi connection is weak. Or it could be the router cable is loosely connected to your computer. Try to fix your connection issues before retrying
  • There is a Conflict between IP Addresses- Since the IP address is used by multiple routers, if you have other routers in the house using the same IP address, you might encounter a Conflict between the routers IP addresses. For example, when you try to sign in to your router, you might be redirected to the page of one of your routers or arrive at a blank page. If this happens, you’ll need to create static IP addresses for all your routers so that you’re only able to access the right page for your new router

 About the IP Address 

The IP address recognizes any device that is connected to any specific network.
Since it’s a private address, it’s only accessible to devices that are part of a specific network, unlike the public address that is accessible to any device on the network.

The main function of the IP address is to access the admin page of a router. It’s used by reputable manufacturers like Huawei, 3J Tech, Adaptec, Nexx, and more.

Usually, the address can work without an active internet connection since it’s specifically used to access the configuration of a router. Also, with the IP, you can easily send and process traffic within your network through default gateways. IP Address Requirements 

To be able to access the router admin page with the, your router must be located close by. Alternatively, your computer must be connected to a network similar to your router in order to access the address.

 Brands using 

3 J Tech Adaptec Gl.I Net Ignition Design Labs Medialink Nexx

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