Best Antivirus Reddit in 2022

In this War of Cyber Crime Antivirus is like your Cyber Weapon.
Hackers are getting smarter and we are facing such kind of malware attacks and computer viruses which we have never experienced before. 

To Secure your Private data, and to protect your device for not being used by any hacker, and to prevent your device from slowing down. Antivirus and Internet Security Programs is our top need Today. 

After researching we have find out some of the best antiviruses which can help you out in resolving all the issues we discussed above. 

 Kespersky Anti-Virus 

  • Easy to Setup 
  • Blocks viruses & malware in real-time
  • Helps keep your machine running fast & smooth
  • Proactive detection – searches out vulnerabilities & threats

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  • Defend your Device against Harmful websites.
  • Removes Malware from device
  • Prevents threats in real-time
  • Available for Multiple devices like, Windows, Mac, and Android 

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Premium + Privacy VPN

 Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 

  • Prevents phishing and online fraud while you shop and browse.
  • Secure VPN for complete online privacy, 200 MB/day/device.
  • Works only with Windows

The best antivirus this year promises to keep your work and play space safe, protecting your identity and data 24/7.

And should you decide to venture online, the same vows to conceal your identity so your traffic is not waylaid by hackers and marketers who want to sell you what you do not want. 

With the list of the top-10 antivirus in 2020 below, you can now decide the best antivirus for your environment.

There is nothing like the ultimate antivirus meeting the needs of all the world’s users. Somehow even those in the list below have their faults.

Again, you are only human; always demanding for more and comparing the effectiveness of one antivirus to another. Not to mention the money aspect. 

So, we put all your needs into consideration and brought you this.

 Top 10 Antivirus in 2020 

 Kaspersky Anti-Virus 

This easy-to-setup antivirus vows to keep your PC operating as it was designed to courtesy of its perfected antivirus engine. 

It protects your data against viruses, phishing, malware, crypto lockers, and stops cryptocurrency mining malware from interfering with your way of life. It is serious about keeping ransomware off your work and playground.

You are guaranteed of up to date database as long as you stay online, scanning whenever you please and access to reports showing what the engine came across while scanning.

It also has an on-screen keyboard to prevent any keylogging activities. Any sensitive data entered is protected.

You will like its privacy cleaner and vulnerability scanner.

This being an entry-level product, asking for VPN and parental control is too much.

But with the little it offers, expect top-level services. Independent Antivirus testers have verified this. You will also love their customer support.

If for whatever reason you are not sure why you should pay the $29.99 for a 3-user license to have Kaspersky Antivirus in your first year, download the free 30-days trial version. No email address is required.

It comes with everything the paid software has but allows you to test drive so you are sure. When you are ready, pay the said amount and input the key, you are ready to roar!

 Malwarebytes Premium 

If you are looking for an antivirus that performs fast on-demand and on-access scans, Malwarebytes Premium is your guy.

You probably know Malwarebytes as that tool that every techie carried in their flash disk whenever a client had a virus nightmare.

Well, that is the same tool but now smarter; maintains the lightweight and speed then adds features that earn it a position in this list.

Malwarebytes prevents your device from accessing questionable websites by blocking their URLs, fights ransomware attacks head-on so your data is not held hostage, looks out for malware all day long, detects, and removes all sort of threats.

Worms, Trojans, rootkits, spyware, bots, and dialers have no place in your device any longer. But do not take our word for it, test drive it for 14 days for free and feel the premium factor.

On the windward side, Malwarebytes comes without a firewall, VPN and its anti-phishing protection are a little too shabby for the word premium.

It however comes with Browser Guard for Firefox and Chrome.

It covers all your devices; PC, Mac, Chromebook, and Android. You only need to buy a license for each per year at $39.99 or pay $69.98 for two years.

There is no more reason why you should not have the confidence and a settled mind while using your device online or offline!

 Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 

When it comes to covering all your devices with top-notch protection, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus offers such a bargain. Instead of selling each license at full price, 

you can cover 10 devices at $79.99, 5 at $69.99, 3 devices at $29.99, and a single device for $19.99.

This applies for the first year only. After that, the cost goes up.

It prides itself on having the most superb engine built for devices using the Windows platform.

Such are protected from phishing, fraud, data tracking, and ransomware so you can shop and browse in peace. All this protection happens in real-time. 

Even though an entry point software, it comes with VPN services encrypting your online traffic for free up to 200MB daily.

That means 6GB per month. It also has a password manager, keeps your data safe even when on battery mode and comes with a file shredder that eliminates a file upon delete. No traces left. 

The presence of Safepay and secure browser protects all your online transactions so you never have to lose your money or identity. That explains why Bitdefender won the ‘Product of the Year’ award in 2019.

On the downside, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus demands a lot of resources in your computer; memory, hard disk space and unleashes lots of processes almost overwhelming the CPU.

We understand that is because of the many features it brings on board for your protection, but it is too much a compromise to bear.

Effect on your device performance aside, the antivirus’ interface is user-friendly, allowing even the most novice of users to navigate with ease.

 Norton AntiVirus Plus 

The killer aspect of Norton Antivirus Plus is its Virus Protection Promise. These fellows vow to give you back your cash if you ever present to them a virus that has hit your device and they cannot tackle it. 

Now that is confidence packaged in a product!

They pride themselves in their ability to provide you with multilayered security. Your PC or Mac is safe from existing and emerging spyware, malware, and ransomware. That covers most of the online threats.

Norton Antivirus Plus has a shrewd firewall blocking distrustful traffic daring to interfere with communication between your computer and other devices in the network.

Whatever you deem private; personal files and related data are treated as such.

It also has a password manager that is in charge of helping you create strong passwords and hiding them. Your credit card info among other intimate details also remains hidden.

You have access to several important yet simple PC maintenance and performance monitoring features that help secure your device even better. Even then, it remains a lightweight resource.

Should your hard disk fail, your data would get damaged. Norton Antivirus Plus provides you with 2GB free Cloud Backup so you can keep a copy of whatever you deem vital there. That protects such data from theft. 

Being Norton’s entry-level product, do not expect any parental control, webcam protection, or Virtual Private Network services (VPN).

Again, its interface is a little bit off compared to other antivirus programs in this list.

Norton Antivirus Plus has a $19.99 introductory fee for the first year. Consider it your welcome home gift because, upon renewal in the second year and following, the cost rises by $40. And that protects only 1 PC or 1 Mac.

 McAfee Total Protection 

The award-winning antivirus prides of excellent phishing protection guaranteeing peace of mind.

While protection from viruses, spyware, malware, ransomware is obvious, Mcfee Total Protection promises to encrypt private files on your pc with 256-bit AES.

When you delete sensitive files, McAfee shredder ensures they are gone forever. You are sheltered from risky websites, have your passwords managed in a single safe location, and should you need help, they have someone ready to help you.

Your home network is always secured with a firewall keeping hackers away. If you hate videos that autoplay slowing down your online activities, McAfee has got your back.

You can now focus on what is important. It comes some level of parental control and is always watching out for possible cases of identity theft.

The sad side of McAfee Total Protection is that it slows down your device during booting.

Too many separate utilities need checking before it can start. And the parental control mentioned could use a facelift. That makes most AV testers have mixed feelings about it.

Should you make your purchase then enroll in auto-renew, McAfee rewards you with a secure VPN so your info is always encrypted when you are searching online. 

This package covers only one device at the costs of $34.99 for the first year of installation, $39.99 for 5 devices, $44.99 for 10, and $59.99 for as many devices as you can. The second year of use almost triples the cost. 

Any Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android devices can use this antivirus.

 Avast antivirus 

While everyone else wants you to pay to stay safe, Avast antivirus believes everyone has the right to enjoy safe browsing for free. No strings are attached.

These lightweight antivirus scores are high from various testing labs on viruses, malware, and ransomware protection.

It even dares commercial antiviruses demanding your money. 

It has a network security inspector, manages and stores your passwords and gives full protection from naughty URLs in both Chrome and Firefox browsers. Then it spoils you with several important security-related bonus features.

It is common to question why a great product like this, respected by antivirus testers should run around free.

Avast has been questioned on this for the fear that they could be trading their clients’ data in exchange for protection.

And bearing that their password manager does not ask for a master password, the worry is warranted.

It so happened to be true early this year. But when exposed, they discontinued the habit and have since them been good boys. That hurts the clients’ trust though. 

The free Avast Antivirus is best left for home users. If you still want to enjoy the protection guaranteed by their engine in your business, opt for the Premium Security version. Otherwise, stick to the free antivirus and enjoy life online with zero vulnerability.

 Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus 

This cloud-based antivirus allows fast updates and scans so your devices do not get overwhelmed.

It is super light, keeps watch of programs with suspicious habits and when sure such is an attacker, it wipes out the culprit and reverses damage caused!

Expect it to run a full scan when installing and a scheduled scan daily. The good news is, you will not feel any of it.

It sits in silence mode often though in action. Where handling ransomware and phishing culprits, this antivirus rocks.

Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus leaves out the important password manager feature requiring upgrade for the feature to work. It also has a below impressive performance in AV-TEST’s usability ratings.

However, its firewall feature with extra monitoring capabilities signaling users of suspicious apps gives it life. 

Surprisingly, such great efficiency costs you only$29.99 for one device for the first year and $30 for the second. For 3 devices you pay $37.49 for the first year and $42.50 for the second year.

Considering its price and the easy-to-navigate attractive interface, with a little improvement in functionality the antivirus to score higher in real-world usage.

 Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security 

This antivirus earns respect from many users courtesy of its advanced AI learning that is always watching out for new threats. Yet it is easy to use.

You are guaranteed of safe browsing, protection from malicious and cybercriminal attacks such as ransomware.

Should you need to perform online payments, Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security unleashes its Pay Guard feature to ensure the website is legitimate. 

Setting it up demands that no other antivirus products share the space with it. It demands such to be ousted.

However, its spam filter is configurable giving it more muscle to protect your data. It tends to scoop quite an amount of the device’s resources due to its over 1GB of data and executable files. 

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security has a simple and sweet interface with animated icons and captions that explain in brief what the icons offer.

The language used to explain these function accommodates novices and experts alike.

Right-click explorer option allows you to perform scans but you can only run one at a time unlike in other antivirus programs.

The option gets greyed out so you wait. It provides browser protection at various levels. It even has a protection strength slider you can play with when venturing in areas with dangerous sites or toning it down if you notice false alarms.

It is strange though this entry-level product does not provide you for identity theft protection and password management as is common with its competitors.

Asking for a VPN or webcam protection is therefore way out of its budget. It is so basic that its major focus is on Windows devices only.

You would need to upgrade to Trend Micro Internet Security to enjoy more benefits.

On cost, the antivirus wants you to protect one PC at a time. You pay $29.95 for 1 PC for the first year and upon renewal, the price goes up to $39.99.

Better discounts come about when you opt for more years. It supports Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS gadgets.

 ESET NOD32 Antivirus 

The antivirus prides itself as the gamers’ choice. It also scoops the hearts of power users and those with slower PCs. 

At its basic, it offers phishing protection, fights against BIOS/UEFI attacks, and script-based intrusions. It focuses on the best balance of speed, detection, and staying useful.

You will not see any popups while gaming or running a program in a full-screen manner. A test drive using the free 30-day trial certifies that. And it does not ask for your email or credit card for that.

It has file encryption, webcam protection, and toughened browser protection. Its interface is easy to maneuver.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus once installed respects your space. Though it sits on about 800MB of your hard disk, it does not slow your PC whether you are gaming or browsing. That proofs it is lightweight.

At the core of its engine, there are 2 URL filtering layers. One works against phishing sites while the other kicks out more general website dangers.

There is therefore no need to install browser extension; all your web access needs are taken care of.

Though it does the first major scan after installation, very fast, it does not have the facilities to perform a quick scan.

ESET’s price is more on the higher side considering it does not include file shredder and VPN.

The single license per year goes for $39.99 and $59.99 if you opt for a 2-year affair at once. For 3 years you pay $79.93. 

 Sophos Home Premium 

Mindful spenders can now take a break from worrying about device protection. Sophos Home Premium asks for $45 for a year to cover up to 10 devices. That includes remote management for each PC or Mac using it. 

That includes remote management for each PC or Mac using it. 

It is also a fair in discounting seeking for $78 should you opt for a 2-year marriage and $99 for 3.

The antivirus is vicious on catching phishing websites announcing their presence and protecting you from falling for them.

Whether you opt for the free 30-day trial version or the Sophos Home Premium, your web browsers and other programs enjoy the protection against naughty URL and any download that has a bad name.

Sophos Home Premium comes with Safe Online Banking to ensure your transactions are handled without compromise thanks to the Keylogger protection in it.

The Safe Browsing feature alerts you when it senses that your browser is trending on forbidden territories. 

 It is also good at mitigating exploitation, lowering the risks caused by malware. The two features are always on and can be activated for your removable storage so they do not introduce malware to the device.

By default, expect on-demand and on-access scanning, though it does not venture into vulnerability scanning.

It has powerful muscles against ransomware attacks. It both detects and tackles it down keeping your device safe.

It tries a bit on parental control and hints you when a program accesses your webcam but that is not protection enough to keep you or any other user safe for that matter.

Sophos Home Premium has a good number of advanced features suitable for experienced users; a bit complex for ordinary users and may not be in any way beneficial. 

 Which antivirus is best for Windows 10? 

Running Windows 10 in your device is like hanging out with the most popular kid in the block. It has its benefits and misgivings.

While you could end up famous, you equally become a target for all the kid’s haters. That is the fate all Windows 10 users suffer.

Everyone who can build malicious software does it with the Operating System in at heart. 

Expert or novice ability aside, this is what we believe you should do. Uninstall any antivirus that does not pass for active and vicious all year round.

It must update regularly to keep it informed of possible attacks as a bare minimum. 

Since Windows 10 is a heavy OS, any antivirus demanding too many resources; hard disk space, CPU processes, and occupying a lot of memory will only slow down your device.

That is not helping. It should also have great surfing protection and keep your data safe from ransomware and every other online threat.

Thus far, the top-scoring 4 antiviruses are Kaspersky Antivirus, Norton Antivirus Plus, Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security, and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. 

But they are not without faults. 

Despite Bitdefender’s outstanding antivirus engine and a heap of important security features, Its greed for resources slows down the device and that distasteful, especially where the cost of the upgrade is beyond the user’s reach. 

The lack of configuration ease and the fact that you have to buy one license at a time are top discouraging factors in Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security.

Norton Antivirus Plus could pick the price citing cloud-based backup but even after the money-back guarantee pinned on the Virus Protection Promise, the product is too expensive. Not to mention it lucks multi-licensing capacity.

As for Kaspersky Antivirus, its engine is accurate beyond measure and it does not dine with ransomware.

But for whatever reason, the company hardly added anything new this year despite being in a competitive industry.

Again some of its extra features like the Browser Configuration Wizard lacks flavor. And the grapevine that the program is under the authority of the Russian Government makes its privacy factor questionable.

That tackles the top 4 antivirus programs in the world. Reconciling them to Windows 10 users’ needs does not come easy.

If you bring down the argument to your lifestyle involving spending half your life online on a Windows 10 PC, the absence of a VPN and password manager even in the most regularly updated antivirus is a bad joke. 

So where does that leave Windows 10 users?

This is where you make a personal decision. If your device’s specifications are on the higher end, and you are not pressed for speed, take Bitdefender Antivirus Plus with you. Everyone else can choose from the other 3

But there is another way out if you want a great antivirus for Windows 10. Instead of going for entry-level antivirus programs from those mentioned in this section, go for the upgrade.

Consider Bitdefender Total Security, Norton 360 Standard, or Kaspersky Total Security. That ends your worries

 What is the best antivirus software in 2020? 

Each one of the antivirus programs listed above earns its place as a preferred in a specific environment.

So, where selecting the best antivirus software is concerned, the important thing is to identify what your situation is, then deploy it. 

For example, a techie may not swing with Kaspersky Antivirus or Norton Antivirus Plus well. But give the same fellow Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus or Malwarebytes Premium and they are sorted for good.

To a gamer, ESET NOD32 Antivirus makes all the sense. And coming to the user on a budget, Avast Antivirus cuts it.

This article exists to help you make that crucial decision on the best antivirus to take home. We considered their effectiveness in handling online threats, known and unknown viruses and malware.

Then come the resources and capabilities; how much each antivirus demands even without saying so in their website maters. Remember no antivirus demeans itself.

Again, how much each costs considering you may have several devices to protect. And finally, consider if the antivirus can support devices in various platforms; Windows-based, Apple products, Android, and all. 

Where does that leave you?

Back to the top-10 list above so you can pick the one that will work best for you.

 Does Windows 10 defender need another antivirus? 

Windows Defender was built with the sole aim of protecting Windows OS. But think about it, why is it every other computer running on Windows 10 today has another antivirus running in the forefront?

Someone you know does it.

Even though Defender sits in Windows 10 by default as the security solution, its performance is rated as poor by various independent Antivirus testers. A test by AV-Comparatives calls its performance standard.

So unless owning a third-party antivirus is beyond your means, remain faithful to it. After all, it offers fair and hassle-free protection.

But if you want to go beyond fair protection and claim your peace of mind, pick a third-party antivirus from the list of Best Antivirus in 2020 above and run with it!

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