Routers are a relatively crucial element in the modern network chain. A router is a hardware networking device designed to aid and boost networking.

Their essential function is to accept, construct, program, and broadcast data between two or more electronic devices- computers and mobile devices. 

A router is a modern advancement to help resolve the issue of transmitting data packets between devices.

A router accesses the receiver’s network(IP) address and decides the safest means – headers and forwarding tables-to broadcast the data packets. Several trusted organizations specialize in designing a router. They are; D-Link, Nortel, 3COM, and Cisco. 

Here are some basic features about routers:

  • A router broadcasts data in a Local Area Network and Wide area network. You can use it for comprehensive or small network coverage. This makes it suitable for use at homes and offices. It is efficient in broadcasting data packets as vast as three blocks away from the source. 
  • A router can share information between mobile devices and other routers. This makes it relatively important to set up a comprehensive network coverage as long as other routers can connect with it. 
  • Its modern advancement and design allow the use of gateways to broadcast data. 
  • The security protocols and networking merits of a router give it an edge over other networking devices- Hubs and switches. Comparing their functions, Hubs transmit information between connected network devices. At the same time, a router analyzes and improves the data before sending it to its destination. 
  • A router also allows a single network source and sharing with multiple network devices. 
  • The mode of operation of a router depends on its IP address, source, or receiver. The router makes use of networking protocol- ICMP to broadcast information between devices. 

    The great advantage of a router is its ability to detect the best route to disclose information from the source to the destination. 

    A router can either be a physical router or a virtual router. A physical router is hardware and performs all the points above.

    A virtual router operates the same way as a physical router. It is, however, software that you install to enable its functionality. After its installation, you can configure it to perform networking functions and highly efficient security protocols. 

  • A router broadcasts information effectively by using the third layer of the OSI model and the IP address. 
  • It provides a fast internet connection to different network devices. It also allows maximum and efficient contact with STM, Ethernet, and gigabit ports. 
  • It has a user-friendly interface that allows the personal configuration of its ports. Also, it will enable you to configure the ports to suit your purpose. 
  • A router modifies and improves information through the encapsulation process. 
  • It allows a Local Area and Wide Area Network connection. 
  • A router creates different gateways to broadcast information. 

    A router provides unlimited networking opportunities for everyone to complement any purpose.

  • High Security: A router provides the best firewall security for users. The information transmitted from the source reaches its destination without any third-party breach. It prevents unauthorized connections. Your software and devices are safe from viral infestation.
  • Enhance online Activity: All devices connected to a router are guaranteed an enhanced performance. It serves as a medium for multiple connections of devices. It allows connection with all your devices, thereby boosting their activity and preventing lag. 
  • Broad Network Coverage: A router can cover any distance effectively. Due to its wireless connection, it makes connecting with other routers and network devices easier and efficient. A router can broadcast good data packets and no limitations to area coverage. 
  • Economically Reliable and Secured: Since it allows connectivity with different devices, an error in a device does not affect others. As long as the source is stable and unaffected, broadcasting data is reliable and secured—no network interruption and error. 
  • A router is a must-have network device for every home and office to aid effective communication.

    A steady and fast network broadcasting channel aids various activities at home and office. Aside from internet surfing, it also boosts and aids other online activities like games.
    Gaming routers are specifically designed to enable a fast and stable networking gateway for personal use and multiple users. D-Link provides arguably the best routers, even gaming routers, for everyone.

    Below are some D-Link gaming routers specifically designed to complement and boost your online gaming experience.

     D-Link DGL-4500 Extreme-N Selectable Dual-Band Gaming Router 

    D-Link DGL-4500 is a top-class-grade gaming router for gamers. It is a dual wireless network device that broadcasts at a frequency of about 2.4 to 5 gigahertz.

    It is designed to aid your gaming experience as it neutralizes traffic and lag. Its ports also enable local or comprehensive area network coverage.
    This gaming router has a friendly user interface that provides basic information about its networking and connectivity.

    It is effortless to set up and installs. It broadcast data of about 300 megabytes per second, a breakneck speed typical to this alone. It also has a high-performance CPU and Network activity monitor configuration to aid your gaming experience.

     Essential features of this gaming router 

    It is Highly efficient wireless network connectivity. This provides high network performance, modification, and broadcast. 

    It has a User-friendly configuration and setup. You can set up your gaming router simply with a one-touch button. 

    It supports audio and video broadcast.

    It has a High-security protocol to prevent third user breaches and unwanted users. 

    It has ports that support a fast 4GB wired connection. 

    This router provides updated information about your network coverage and router activity. This helps you to keep track of your network activity. 

    You can connect USB drives and printers to this router for a faster data transmission rate.

    It shares equal network coverage with connected devices hence curbing lagging and slow networks. 

    D-Link DGL-4500 router is suitable for any environment and temperate conditions.

    It can broadcast networks through any building material. Connected devices do not limit it. However, adverse environmental hazards hurt its signal and coverage.

     D-Link Gaming Router (DGL-5500) 

    This is a notable and excellent D-Link Gaming router for a premium gaming experience. It is a wireless connectivity device with a dual-band frequency.

    It broadcasts data packets at a speed of 1300 megabytes per second. It allows easy connection with other devices through its four ports space for any relationship. 
    Check out its essential Features:

  • It has modern technology that technically modifies your network. It is designed in a unique way to manage traffic and prevent network lagging. It provides an equal and even distribution of connection. 
  • The portable ports (4 ports) support and enable a gigabit Ethernet connection. 
  • The dual-band frequency has a speed of about 450 megabytes per second (2.4GHz) and 867 megabytes per second (5.0GHz) for a fast network broadcast. 
  • It has protective firewall security against breaches and unauthorized third parties. 
  • It is built for easy configuration and setup. 
  • To mention but a few, these D-Link gaming routers are perfectly suitable for your gaming experience.

    They allow vast connectivity options and comprehensive network coverage. As well as boosting your gaming experience, it also allows you to share with friends and families, I.e., unlimited connectivity, which is distributed and uninterrupted. 

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