A router is a device that “routes” data between the home network devices and the internet. The router is not the source of the internet, but the modem. The older version of routers works with wires.

Newer versions are the wireless type that works without the use of cables. Either way, a router needs an Ethernet cable to connect to the modem- the signal’s source.

Gaming is an activity that requires high- internet speed. Many gamers do not achieve the complete thrill of online gaming due to conflicting signals and lagging.

There are several online games that you can indulge in during your free time or as a consistent hobby. For some others, gaming is a passion they cannot trade for anything else.

Irrespective of how busy they get, they always allocate time to play games. Dedicated gamers always seek to purchase new hardware with improved software that will increase their gaming experience.

Gaming routers differ from conventional routers because they come with improved software that caters to gamers’ needs.

Gamers seek to obtain devices with the best hardware and software to ensure quality performance. Routers have evolved from just being a source of the signal.

Modern routers come with top-notch Technology that takes gaming to a new height. The signal from the router may not help to maximize the gaming experience.

  • Wired routers: wired routers connect devices with cables. Consequently, the number of devices you can connect depends solely on the number of ports available. 
  • Wireless routers: the wireless router is similar to the wired router because they connect to the modem via a wire. However, a wireless router is distinct because it can connect to various devices within the local network without a wired connection. Connecting to the Wi-Fi username and password is the magic you need for your devices. Besides, the wireless device can function as a wired connection for specific devices. Devices like Play station, Xbox, and Blu-ray discs may require a cable connection to use the local network’s signal.
  • Virtual routers: another type of router is the virtual router. The virtual router acts as a backup router when the main wired or wireless router is disconnected or non-functional. It works using the VRRP ( Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol). this protocol activates the virtual router as the primary router in cases when the designated router fails
  • Core routers: A core router may be a wireless or wired device that broadcasts the internet signal within a singular network. The other regular routers distribute data between multiple networks. However, core routers focus their signal on a network. It supports different interfaces and transfers high-speed data to them.
  • Edge routers: An edge router serves as a communication between the internet and one or more networks. One crucial fact about the edge router is that it can connect to the core routers. 
  •  Best Router Settings For Gaming 

    Video games have evolved from playing with your friends in your living room to playing with your friends worldwide through online computer games and services like Xbox Live for Xbox 360 and PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3 game console.

    Online gaming requires a high-speed Internet connection via Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or cable broadband. Making some changes to the router can help make your online gaming experience a lot smoother.

    There are a few things you will need when setting up the gaming router. They include broadband and administrator access for the router. It is imperative to update your firmware.

    Manufacturers periodically update their router’s firmware to keep up to date with changing technology and security protocols. Keeping your router up-to-date with the latest firmware ensures that your router performs as best as possible.

    Secondly, enable DHCP reservation. Broadband routers assign Internet Protocol (IP) to devices via a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) protocol.

    Similarly, this, in turn, gives devices an address in a defined range of addresses. Using DHCP backup ensures that a given device will receive the same address each time it connects to the router.

    Making use of the DHCP reservation feature also allows enables port forwarding and packet prioritization.

    In addition, enable port forwarding. All data transmitted over the Internet is associated with a port number. It can assign different types of data to other ports.

    Enabling port forwarding on the router allows the router to look at each incoming data packet and automatically forwards it to the designated device.

    Finally, enable packet prioritization, if available. Data prioritization works similarly to port forwarding.

    As the data comes to the router, the router looks at the type of data it is. Data prioritization prioritizes incoming data through any other traffic to your target device, such as a dedicated high-speed Internet lane for your designated device.

    Consult your router’s documentation to see if packet prioritization is available on your router model.

    Many games or programs need your computer to be accessible directly from the internet. This means that any other computer on the internet can, through its IP, connect to any program on your computer.

    One case is Modern Warfare and FTP programs or web servers that some developers install locally.

    The IP is assigned to each computer or device connected to the internet, which allows you to identify each unique point.

    It is like an address, unique in the world. When you access a website, your provider or DNS server checks the website’s IP address so that your computer can connect to it.

    Even if you do not have a website, being on the opposite side of the internet, you have an IP just by linking to it.

    Usually, in residential connections, the IP is dynamic: each link is different, so the numbers are recycled among other customers. If you disconnect the modem or drop the connection, it is common for the IP to be changed.

    Some games, such as Modern Warfare, or specific programs (such as FTP and web servers) require external computers from the internet to connect to your PC.

    For that, they need to know what their IP is, and more than that, they need their IP to be visible to the internet. When you connect via ADSL by “dialing” from the computer (PPPoE), the IP that your provider provides you with is directly associated with your machine.

    In that case, programs and games usually work. Using a router modem, or connection shared by another PC, or some different types of connections (3G, via radio, etc.), the IP will not be associated directly with your PC.

    In the most common cases, with home routers (wired or wireless), the router’s IP uses the provider associates with your connection.

    Whoever tries to enter that IP will fall on the router, and the router does not know what to do with the call (after all, the game is running on your PC, not on the router!).

    For example, in Modern Warfare, it can show the status in the form of NAT Closed / Open, something like that. If it indicates an error at that point, then your computer is not visible to the internet – as a result, it affects the quality of online games.

     How to connect the external IP to your PC for Better Gaming Performance 

    One way to connect the IP that the router receives directly to your computer is to change an option on the modem or router configuration screen. For this, you will need two things:

    Discover your computer’s internal IP on the local network (the network that connects your PC to the router, either via cable or wireless)

    – See which is the administration address of your router (usually it is another IP, only local)

    The internal IP is the IP that the router assigns to your computer, but it is a local IP, which exists only between your PC and the router.

    When connecting a network cable between your PC and the modem/router or connecting to a wireless network, a kind of “intranet” is created, a local computer network.

    For your computer to communicate with the router and vice versa, your PC is assigned a local IP – at which point you will have to discover it.

    The “real” IP on the internet is the external IP, which your provider sends to the router. Here it does not matter to know the external IP as the negotiation between the provider and router / PC is automatic.

    You will need to find out the internal IP, the IP that your router has assigned to your computer.

    Usually, it will be fixed, but it can vary if you connect the PC to another network port, or connect a different PC, or a different network card on the same PC.

    The easiest way to check it in Windows is to open the command prompt and type ipconfig (to see the IP, you don’t need to be an administrator).

     Benefits of Using A Gaming Router 

    The benefits of gaming routers are numerous. The advantages may also be specific for a brand or model.
    However, you can derive benefits from investing in a gaming router. All gaming routers have one primary function, which is to improve your online gaming experience.
    The major reason for slow connection within a network is interference from other signals and users. Gaming routers filter the surrounding signal and eliminate the ones that are far from your device.

    It ensures you stay connected to your home network, which is within your range.
    Once you keep connected to your network, the signal and connection become better. Consequently, you can enjoy gaming better with a more robust network.

    Most gaming routers work with a powerful dual-core CPU that can process data at a fast rate. A few other gaming routers come with a more powerful tri-core processor.

    The powerful processor is to meet other individuals’ demands using the network while ensuring you get the most from your gaming. The processor supports Multi-user, Multi-input, and Multi-output features.

    Quality of Service, usually referred to as QoS, is a feature that makes gaming routers stand out.

    Regular routers have the QoS feature, but it is not as functional as gaming routers. The router transmits data packets between the internet and connected devices.
    The packet data are like in a queue, which determines which device receives the signal first. The QoS prioritizes the packet data for your gaming routers. Consequently, a signal to your gaming system is sent first to minimize lag.
    This feature boosts your gaming performance as the connection is consistent and strong all the way.

    Moreover, gaming routers come with advanced security. The security system supports the use of VPN to promote the protection of your data.

    Gaming routers security ensures your Smartphone ( if you are playing games on your phone), Xbox, Play station, or any other gaming system is not invaded by malware.
    Furthermore, it prevents third-party users from getting access to your system. The security blocks access to sites that may cause potential or actual harm to your devices or data.

    Furthermore, gaming routers have Gigabit Ethernet ports that allow your gaming devices to enjoy a high-speed signal. Many gamers do not understand the importance of using a gaming router.

    A gaming router will ultimately cause an elevation in their gaming experience and career. Regular routers have ports, but they are not highly efficient ports.
    The Gaming routers come with extra Ethernet Giganet ports- up to 4 or 6 that ensure your gaming system remains connected.
    Gaming routers have better antennas and updates that make gaming better. Modern gaming routers come with four antennas; others have five or six antennas.

    The internal antennas capture the network while the external antennas broadcast the signal to a further area. It extends the wireless signal to cover more regions over high-speed.

    Finally, gaming routers allow different high-functional activities on the network. It is optimal for dedicating the best bandwidth to your gaming system.

    They can increase your gaming functionality by three or four times the regular router, depending on the router model. As a gamer, you can’t afford to have a gaming router.

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