There are numerous networks to aid online activities at home and office. Let us talk about ultimate modern networks that guarantee a fast speed and wide network coverage.

The decision to select the best network boosters for your activities is usually a tough one to make given the number of networks in this modern age.

The two popular options people often choose from are MESH NETWORK and EXTENDER. They are generally modern technology enhancements or boosters to expand your Wi-Fi coverage and strengthen its signal.

These two provide a fast and secure network through a wide range and can serve a long time, which makes it difficult to conclude on the best.

Let us take a closer look at these two networks. We shall discuss their pros and cons, and how they function.

Wi-Fi extenders are tools used with your Wi-Fi with the sole aim to extend and strengthen the signal over a large area.

These Wi-Fi extenders are of a single output, which is used to publicize the Wi-Fi signal to other areas where the network is needed.

This is achieved by tapping into a stable connection, which may be Ethernet, connected with a cable. With the aid of this cable, you can connect the extender and the network server.

Depending on areas to broadcast the network to, you decide the position of your Wi-Fi extender. Wide connections ensure wide broadcast and strong signals to areas. Wi-Fi extenders provide a strong cable signal strength at home and your office and make it much easier to work anywhere at your comfort.
More often than not, people tend to mistake Wi-Fi extenders with Boosters and Repeaters. They have the same function but differ in signal strength.

Wi-Fi extenders generally extend the connection and strength over areas around its position. Boosters, however, increase your signal strength and connections to provide wide strong coverage.

Boosters boost your network and signal for wide amplified coverage. Similar to the other two in terms of extending the signal and coverage, Repeaters generally provide and extend the same network and signal strength as their server.

Repeaters broadcast the same signal strength making them fully dependent on the strength of the server.
This is a great innovation to extend and improve your Wi-Fi connection. As long as there is a strong and reliable network service provider and the extender is properly connected, you will have no issue enjoying this top speed and wide coverage at your comfort.



  • Wi-Fi extenders provide a strong, fast, and reliable network and signal strength in your homes and offices. They ensure that the network is broadcasted to all areas within its connection. 
  • They are considerably less expensive and easily accessible. 
  • They are quite durable if properly maintained. 
  • Due to their wide network broadcast, they make activities faster and easier. 
  • Props to the source and network provider, Wi-Fi extenders do not reduce network speed.


  • They are wired cable connections, which makes it a bit impossible to use in large offices and homes like mansions. 
  • Wi-Fi extenders provide networks based on areas, which is why you have to manually change networks and connect to the one in your area. No general network for all areas through the same server. 
  • Wi-Fi extenders require professional minds for their initial connection and start-up. 


Mesh network is another type of modern technology to broadcast networks over a wide area. It is a wireless network connection, that uses nodes in exchange for extenders and routers to extend the network coverage.

These nodes, depending on the area to extend the network signal, are connected wirelessly to create a network. These nodes are placed close to each other to ensure optimum network coverage.
To use this Mesh network, a node is directly connected to your network provider, which will serve and broadcast the network to other nodes. Mesh network does not reduce this speed of the network but boosts it otherwise.

An error or fault in one of the nodes does not affect the others because the other nodes automatically reconnect and change the route to the one that is not faulty and with a poor signal.

Hence the speed and connection are not in any way affected in a mesh network.



  • Mesh networks provide wide network coverage and strong signal for your homes and offices. Regardless of the number of rooms and spaces, as long as a node is around, your stable network is assured. 
  • The mesh network allows the automatic connection of your devices to the closest node network. No need to be worried about your network been interrupted anywhere in your home or office. 
  • Mesh network provides a great advantage for various activities as they aid and boost them. They can serve a wide variety of purposes. For those who love a strong stable connection for their games, a fast network to stream and download videos online is a great choice. 
  • They can be easily installed without the aid of a professional. Simply follow the manual and guide, the setup is very much easy and less complicated. 
  • It is easily accessible and available to anyone. 


  • They are quite expensive due to their wireless connections. 
  • Their connection cannot be easily monitored. Hence making it hard to detect an issue in any of the nodes easily. 


Due to their great importance, it is quite a tough call to choose between these two. Nevertheless, some distinguishing factors between them make one better than the other. These factors make it easier to choose the best for your purpose. They include;
In terms of Network Coverage, the Mesh network covers a wide area with its wireless connections, which can be placed in various areas in the home or office compared to Wi-Fi extenders with wired connections that can only cover a small area at home and office.

In terms of Network connection, Wi-Fi extenders provide a connection that you will have to manually connect to at different areas in the home or office. Mesh Network provides a wireless automatic connection that you connect to at the closest node.

Mesh networks are much easier to start up and arrange compared to Wi-Fi extenders.
Wi-Fi extenders are less expensive than Mesh networks.
All things have been considered, before selecting the best network for your home and office, you have to consider the purpose that it will be used for.

After considering the purpose, you have to ensure there is enough space for the connection.


 Q: Is the mesh network better than the Wi-Fi extender? 

A: Mesh network broadcast coverage over a wide area than Wi-Fi extender. On the bright side, mesh networks provide more merits than Wi-Fi extenders. 

 Q: Do these Networks reduce speed?  

A: Both Wi-Fi extenders and mesh network does not in any way affect the speed of the network. As long as the main server provides a strong connection, both mesh and Wi-Fi extenders will broadcast a strong signal and network.

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