Linksys EA7300 Max-Stream Smart Router Review

The Linksys EA7300 Max-Stream is a highly affordable router if you are looking for cost-effectiveness. However, the Linksys EA7300 provides reliable performance that makes it a highly recommended budget-friendly router.

This Linksys router also comes with a sleeker aesthetic; a huge plus if you are not a fan of the hulking design of most high-end models.

The Linksys EA7300 router, fortunately, does not take after older models’ bulky appearance. The Linksys EA7300 router takes a more subtle route when it comes to its appearance.

The router is not designed to grab attention but to blend into the background. If you prefer a simple and minimalistic design, the Linksys EA7300 checks both of these boxes.

 Main Features 


Dual-band Wireless Speeds (1.7Gbps), up to 450Mbps with the 2.4GHz and 1,300Mbps with the 5Ghz.


Maximum of 1,500 sq. Ft. wireless range and can support up to 10 devices simultaneously.


Compatible with current modems.


Easy to install and setup via the Linksys App.


Supports 4K and HD game streaming without buffering.


MU-MIMO support that ensures all connected devices maintain equally high internet speeds.


Supports Alexa voice command.

 Design – Simple and Optimized 

As we have stated earlier, the Linksys EA7300 router features an unassuming design that is both sleek and compact.

This router is designed to blend into the background and take only as much space as needed. It features three external antennas that help optimize its range within relatively small homes.

The antennas help the Wi-Fi signal penetrate even the hard to reach areas in your home. The Linksys EA7300 Max-Stream is impressively sleek with a measurement of 10.1 x 2.2 x 7.2 inches (L x W x H). It is also incredibly lightweight at around 2.6 lbs.

The Linksys EA7300 router features an ergonomic design with a shiny black finish to give it a more modern charm while also looking entirely professional.

If you are looking for the wild and eccentric aesthetics that high-end routers deliver, you won’t find it here. The Linksys EA7300 is as straightforward as they come when it comes to the design.

While relatively slim, it does have a certain heft to it that gives the impression of a well-built unit.

You will also notice the prominent ventilations located on the surface of the router. This gives the unit ample capability to disperse heat build-up inside naturally.

The large cooling vents are expected since the router does not come with any internal cooling fans. I don’t think it will get hot enough to require cooling fans though, so the large ventilations should suffice.

 Practical Design? 

Let us head back to the antennas located at the back of the router. These antennas feature beamforming technology to help focus the Wi-Fi signal to crucial areas in your home for enhanced signal strength where it counts.

In most cases where the router is installed in a relatively small home, you can simply leave the antennas on their default position and still get excellent signal throughout your residence.

I do like to point out that the sizable glossy panel in the middle of the top casing is a missed opportunity to pack as much helpful feature or display to the unit.

The polished plastic panel only features the Linksys logo and nothing else. It could have been used to add some useful displays.

Alas, this is but a simple nitpick on my part as I prefer functional and practicality over style when it comes to my appliances and gadgets.

 How About the Ports? 

The Linksys EA7300 comes with all the necessary ports found in a standard router.
Of course, you can’t expect the budget-friendly Linksys EA7300 to go with the same amount of connections present in higher-end models.

That said, the Linksys EA7300 does come with all the essential ports to ensure it provides a well-rounded internet connectivity experience for multiple types of devices.

For the ports available in the EA7300 Wi-Fi router, you have the LAN (4) and WAN (1) ports located at the back of the router.

You will also find the power button and the DC power port (12V) at the end of the unit.
Beside the WAN port is the WPS button which allows you to connect devices without going through the security protocol.

Additionally, the router also comes with a 3.0 USB which is quite a pleasant surprise considering that the router seems to be somewhat limited in some areas.

The 3.0 USB port will allow you to transfer large files from an external storage device to the router in record time. These files can then be shared with other devices that are connected to your network.

 A Well-Balanced Build 

The Linksys EA7300 won’t win any awards for having the most striking, lofty, or bold design for a router – but this was never a ‘beauty pageant’ to begin with.

It is all about delivering reliable performance across the board. The Linksys EA7300 does have a good build that feels robust while keeping other exterior factors balanced.

The Linksys EA7300 is slightly bulkier than the standard routers within the same price range but manages to pull it back with its lighter construction.

 Setup – A Quick and User-Friendly Process 

The Linksys EA7300 is quite easy to set up thanks to the setup wizard that can do 99% of the procedure for you.

There is also a manual that can help clarify any questions you might have during the process. You just need to plug the WAN to your modem and turn on the router.

Wait for the router to boot up, which only takes about a minute or so. Once the unit is in full operations, you can then log in to the router’s web portal via your browser to start setting up your network.

For beginners and first-timers, remember to change your network’s SSID (name) and use a password to strengthen the security of your system.

This is mandatory as it prevents unknown devices from connecting to your network without your permission.

Afterward, you can either delve into the advanced network setting to further optimize your system or begin using it as is.

 Functionalities and Features – Comes with the All the Essentials 

During our test run with the Linksys EA7300, it gave a good impression as a robust and well-rounded budget-friendly router.

While it most definitely won’t be able to match the performance of high-end routers, it does enough for us to give it a thumbs up on all fronts.

This Linksys router is best suited for smaller households that have multiple devices due to its decent Wi-Fi range and MU-MIMO support.

While the wireless scope is limited in comparison to more popular routers in the market, the Linksys EA7300 makes the most out of it. This is thanks to the high-quality CPU utilized by the EA7300.

The integration of a dual-core processor, Max-Stream AC1750 helps elevate the EA7300’s performance significantly. This allows the EA7300 to handle 4K video streaming as well as online multiplayer games without a hitch.

The addition of MU-MIMO technology further improves throughput as multiple devices can connect at decent to high speeds without risking traffic that can throttle the network’s bandwidth.

 Customizing Your Internet Experience 

As for software features, the router provides users with the ability to create their own Guest Network Access which is a separate network that allows specific devices to connect without gaining access to shared files within your primary system.

The Linksys EA7300 can support up to 50 guest devices which are pretty impressive for its price range.

The Linksys EA7300 router also comes with Parental Controls that allow users to ensure that children are well-protected when logging into the internet.

This feature can also help control how much time your kids can use the internet, which is a must-have feature for families with children still in their development stage whose internet usage must be limited.

There is also a device prioritization setting or Quality of Service (QoS) which allows you to prioritize specific devices when it comes to bandwidth allocation.

This is also a great feature to have if you’re an avid gamer as you can select your gaming device, console, or PC to get top priority when it comes to bandwidth usage.

Let us now go to the ‘meat’ of this router – the processor and other main wireless connectivity features.

This router features dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 5GHz), which, when combined, can optimally deliver up to 1.7Gbps speeds.

The use of dual-band technology also ensures maximum compatibility with devices from current to older generations.

To go into further detail with the dual-band performance, the 2.4GHz can max out at 600Mbps while the 5GHz tops up at 1,300Mbps.

However, we recommend you switch to 5GHz when it comes to streaming HD or 4K video streaming and online gaming for optimum performance.

One of the Linksys EA7300’s biggest draw is its use of MU-MIMO technology.

To the uninitiated, MU-MIMO stands for “Multiple User-Multiple Input and Multiple Output” and is a vital component in ensuring that all devices maintain stable internet speeds.

MU-MIMO technology circumvents the throttling of the bandwidth due to multiple connected devices. MU-MIMO regularly organizes connections to the network depending on the demand of each client.

Also called the intelligent traffic shaping system, this technology helps prevent bandwidth traffic by directing and redirecting each connection as needed.

 Solid Online Security Capability 

Of course, your online security must always be the top priority when it comes to your router.

In that regard, the Linksys EA7300 Max-Stream meets all prerequisites for a safe internet surfing experience.

The router comes with the standard firewall security and several support protocols to further enhance the underlying securities in place.

There is also an internet filter that you can use to segregate unwanted or unidentified requests from unknown connections.

Overall, the Linksys EA7300 Max-Stream offers all the vital security measures to keep your network safe from malware and DoS attacks.

 Performance – Does it Deliver on its Promises? 

Of course, what a router promotes on its box is its excellent performance scores are simply theoretical numbers.

When it comes to real-world performance, several factors will undeniably factor in which can lower the router’s overall capabilities.

So, we went ahead and tested the Linksys EA7300 in an actual house environment to see how it fairs in the real world.

After testing, you will be glad to learn that the Linksys EA7300 scored substantial numbers throughout the board.

Using a laptop with an 802.11ac wireless standard and connecting it to the gigabit Ethernet port, we tested the transfer rate and recorded an impressive average of 245Mbps.

This is a substantial number that can accommodate 4K video streaming without any issues. This result was tested with the device and router in the same room.

Pushing further away at 80-feet, we managed to clock in 112Mbps which might sound like a significant drop but this is still an all-around good number. Signal dips on various parts of the house were also kept to a minimum.

Overall, we highly recommend the Linksys EA7300 Max-Stream if you are looking for a cost-effective router for home use.

 Price – Is it a Good Deal? 

Once you pool every aspect and component that Linksys EA7300 AC1750 has, the incredibly affordable price is a no-brainer. If you are on a tight budget and require a decent router that can support both streaming HD videos and online gaming, this router from Linksys is a terrific deal indeed.


  • Easy to use and setup.
  • Can prioritize up to three devices when it comes to bandwidth usage.
  • Three adjustable beamforming antennas which enhance overall signal range performance.
  • Up to date AC wireless technology designed for streaming and online gaming.
  • Incredible high-speed performance with wired devices.
  • Comes with MU-MIMO technology.


  • Rebooting takes noticeably longer than most routers in the same price range.
  • The design of the router might take up a considerable amount of foot space on your desk or shelf.


The Linksys EA7300 is highly recommended for the average consumer. It is designed for regular internet use and can also handle streaming and online gaming.

The MU-MIMO technology also guarantees that the router can support a multitude of devices, making it suitable for family residences.

Also, if your device has an 802.11ac wireless standard, you can further maximize the overall experience using the Linksys EA7300.

Add excellent security, QoS, and Parental Control features, and you got yourself one of the most well-rounded value routers today.

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