Netgear AC5300 Review – NIGHTHAWK X8 (R8500) TRI-BAND WIFI ROUTER

With the need to access internet information becoming more relevant to many across the world, ways to ensure ease that hasn’t ceased to improve.

 Routers are some of the essential particulars ensuring we get reliable, if not fast, internet connectivity.

As of such, technological improvements have continued to show its place even as more router models keep emerging time after time.

 Not so long ago we had the AC1900 class routers, which did a great job then came the AC2400.

Soon the AC3200 followed, and now we are talking of the latest, AC5300 which features in the Netgear’s new Nighthawk X8 and ASUS’ new RT-AC5300

It is not like these router classes have such a big difference, no. They bear a similar internal setup.

They all use a common platform, Broadcom’s new 4×4 5G XStream. In the latest technology, AC5300, it is this platform that features upgrade.

The Netgear Nighthawk X6 model had a less powerful platform than the current 5G XStream.

The AC5300 class is tri-band capable routers supporting up to four spatial streams.

In so doing, they significantly boost the overall bandwidth a router produces. Now, this is what defines the Netgear Nighthawk X8 routers and ASUS RT-AC5300.

 How the 5300Mbps count is come to be 

Are you wondering where the “AC5300” came from? Why not AC5000 or something else instead? If you are a newbie in networking then this can be quite confusing.

Well, let me break it down. The AC5300 refers to 5300Mbps. As mentioned earlier, the AC5300 class routers are tri-band capable.

 In this case, therefore, they broadcast a single 2.4GHz network and two 5GHz networks.

However, remember, this new platform, Broadcom, supports four spatial streams as well as NitroQAM, a new Broadcom technology that increases each stream’s maximum throughput.

Hence, in this case, the 2.4GHz network supports max throughput of 1000Mbps. The 5GHz on the other hand because of NitroQAM, supports max throughput of 2150Mbps.

Since they are two, the total throughput comes to 4300Mbps. When added to the 1000Mbps from the 2.4GHz network, that’s when we get the 5300Mbps. Quite amazing, right? 

 MU-MIMO capable 

Broadcom’s new 4×4 5G Xstream platform is the power drive behind all the improved functionality of the AC5300 class routers.

 It consists of three BCM4366 4×4 radios and 1.4GHz dual-core BCM47094 ARM Cortex A9 processor.

The three receivers are MU-MIMO capable. Remember the Linksys EA8500 router, the first ever to support MU-MIMO technology? It made the router quite more effective.

In essence, this technology allows the simultaneous transfer of internet data through to multiple devices.

The AC5300 routers are tri-band, broadcasting three networks at a go along with the MU-MIMO, meaning, they can simultaneously transmit data to up to six client devices.

One challenge, however, with the MU-MIMO technology in routers, is that only few devices support it.

The ugly side of it is that getting your none supportive device to support it is not easy as patching it up or updating some firmware.

If you want to, then your device must have an exceptional wireless adapter that supports the technology. Such already equipped devices include the Acer’s new E series notebooks and Xiaomi’s Mi 4i smartphone.

Nighthawk X8(R8500) Tri-Band WI-FI Router
802.11ac Tri-Band Quad Stream Gigabit – The Next Trend in Wi-Fi

Looking for the next wave Wi-Fi router? Well, all the solutions you need for high-speed internet connectivity among your various devices are right here.

The Nighthawk X8(R8500) Tri-Band WI-FI Router is an excellent super-efficient model designed and availed to you for quality service.

You no longer have to struggle and have problems trying to connect more devices to your router’s network.

The fully packed Tri-Band with four antennae is an exclusive model; you should look for a Quad Stream Gigabit of up to 5.3Gigabytes.

 It is one user-friendly device you can control its operations right from your comfort zone simply with voice command as it uses both the Google® Assistant and Amazon Alexa™ technologies.

To learn more about its useful capabilities and why it should be your next go-to item, keep reading this review. 


Design is one feature; all of us tend to look at, especially when buying technical items. For Nighthawk X8(R8500) Tri-Band WI-FI Router, its design is a simple and basic one.

 A black rectangular box of dimensions; 13.79 x 11.62 x 4.57 in and with four antennae attached on its backside. On its front side, there is Netgear label on the left and three indicators labeled on the right, LED, WPS, and WIFI, respectively.

On top are more indicators, including that of power, network and USB. Whenever any is functional, you will see the indicators light up. Its backside apart from the antennae attachments also has various ports, among which are Ethernet ports and power port.

 Note that these devices operate both on AC as well as DC power supply source.
The entire package of it is a sturdy plastic material that features open grooves to let out radiative heat from its internal components.

 With a weight of only 7.01 lbs, this device is highly portable and so makes it easy even in its installation times.


Netgear is very keen on keeping safe their router products, and so they avail of all the possible options you might need to regulate the safety of yours.

This assurance applies as well to the Nighthawk X8(R8500) Tri-Band WI-FI Router. With proper protection set up on the device, you will be able to keep close track of your network, not allowing hackers and malicious users. 

For this prime reason for remaining safe in your network’s usage, Netgear has availed security control options as described below to help you out. 

 Step by Step: 


Enhanced parental controls – Apart from keeping your network safe from hackers and uninvited users, router security provides allows you to regulate the content any user can access. For instance, as a parent you would wish for your kids to view particular sides like those of adults, and so, you should restrict them from so doing.


Guest network access – The Nighthawk X8(R8500) Tri-Band WI-FI Router, among others of the same brand allows you the option to create a new network for your visitors. You understand that you can never understand the intentions of anyone who visits you, and so, to keep your network safe, the best option is always to create a new one for them. The process usually is quite direct and straightforward. 


Secure WiFi connections – These devices use high-security levels of both the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and Wireless Protected Access 2 (WPA20).


Open-source support – It allows security firmware download and installation from


Personal FTP server – It will enable the creation FTP server from a free customized URL 


VPN support – Virtual Private Network allowing you to keep always you’re your network even while you are far from home. 

 How do I set up my Netgear ​Nighthawk X8? 

The guide below will walk you through the baby steps of setting up your Netgear Nighthawk X8 to its proper functioning.

While Netgear’s router models might look different, especially in terms of their physical structures, they have same setup procedure. Each router under the Netgear comes with installation package including; Power cables, Network adapter, and quick start guide.

To install the router,

  • position the antennae in their upright position
  • Disconnect your router from the modem then unplug your modem from the power source. If the modem has a battery backup, remove it as well
  • Connect your modem to the Nighthawk X8 device using an Ethernet cable. Plug one end on the wire on the modem and the other to the yellow internet port at the back of your router.
  • Plug your modem and Nighthawk X8 adapter to a power source. Both will then indicate power on from their lighting LED’s indicators.
  • Set up your network via any device, a laptop, smartphone or a tablet
  • Connect to your network. Note that the details of your router’s network will be the bottom side of your router. Use the username and password provided to log in. The router will automatically begin installing if it doesn’t work, go to your browser and search then chose the best operation mode you need.
  • Once the installation is complete, follow the other instructions, which include installing new firmware and registering your network.
  • Up to this point, you would have set up your network. It is, however, worth considering to download the Netgear Genie App from your play store to help you manage your network further.


  • Data Transfer Rate: 5,300 Mb per second. Up to 1,000 Mbps at 2.4GHz 1024 QAM. Up to 2,166 Mbps at 5 GHz 11ac 1024 QAM
  • Frequency Bands Supported: Tri-Band
  • Item Weight: 7.01 lbs
  • Total LAN Ports: 7
  • Wireless Compatibility: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Range: Feet – a wide range. It comes with four antennae
  • Dynamic QoS
  • Number of Ethernet Ports: 6


  • The Netgear Nighthawk X8 offers fast internet connectivity speeds of up to 5.3Mbps
  • It has a Tri-band WiFi feature which helps deliver data to more connected devices
  • It has numerous connectivity ports
  • It has a voice command feature; Amazon Alexa™ & the Google® Assistant
  • Easy to install


  • Continuous Self Rebooting along with connection issues
  • Frequently interrupted
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