Netgear CM600 Review – Compaitable Cable Modem

Well, Netgear series of products are the perfect solution to all your internet connection issues, and the famous Netgear CM600 modem is not an exception.

This cable modem provides you with a fast connection to the internet with its channel-bonding technology. If you are a diehard fan of online video games, this cable modem should be your only friend.

It makes internet connection seem simple by bypassing the significant protocols that your ISP provider follows when offering you internet services.

To take a break from the slow internet connection and open the web pages faster you need this cable modem by your side. Compared to other modems in the market, it stands out with its unique compatibility and super fast speed.

For more efficient data transfer and quick connection to the internet, you can always rely on this device.

This Netgear Cm600 review will cover some of the unique specifications, key features, pros, and cons of using this device. By the end of this discussion, you should be finding it necessary to acquire this modem in the online market without looking back.

 Netgear CM600 review 

It come with a black casing that is made of light material for portability. It has a flat surface or basement that prevents it from falling when put it on the ground.

Forget about its appealing surface; the device is made to last longer even on tuff conditions. It has triangular ventilation cutouts that help it achieve a cooling effect and avoid overheating.

Now, back to the reason why you should buy this fantastic cable modem. The device ensures a superfast connection to the internet with its in-built channel bonding technology.

IT accommodates eight upstream and 24 downstream channels that enable it to transfer data signals across different platforms at an amazingly fast speed. Together, this makes 24 x 8 bonded channels for a superfast speed.

The device is more proficient than most modems in the market. It can handle over five devices at a go and still manage to operate at top speed.

The universal compatibility and super fast speed make this device to stand out in the market. With rate of over 400 Mbps, you can rely on it for a fast connection to the internet.

You can easily detect the device network connection by looking at the status LED panel on its front left bevel. You don’t want to break the LED status panel on its diagonal when you place it on the ground, so you have to be extra careful.

At the back of the device, it has an on/off button, power input port, coaxial connection port, and the Gigabit Ethernet port for a secure connection.

If you look forward to enjoying using this modem that you must take good care of the buttons placed on its back. Troubleshooting this device can be such a difficult task without the buttons.

With spoilt power buttons, you will have to reconnect it from the power source when rebooting, something you will not enjoy going through.


  • Brand: Netgear
  • Data Transfer Rate: 400 Mbps and up to 960 Mbs download
  • Ethernet port: 1
  • Security: WPA/WPA2
  • Cable type: DOCSIS 3.0
  •  Key features 

    Compatibility: It is compatible with all ISP internet providers in your region. It has Spectrum, CO, Comcast, and Xfinity certification. It is not compatible with DirecTV and DSL.

    Connection: Comes with one port for Gigabit Ethernet connection

    Speed: Supports up to 400 Mbps so that you do not have to keep waiting for those web pages to open. It provides the fastest signal transmission.

    Workability/ performance: Performs better on all Wi-Fi routers in the market. It can support all wireless devices when connected to a Wi-Fi router.

    Parental control: the device comes with on/off power buttons that you can use to switch it off.  


    • Fast speed 
    • Compatible with all ISPs and Wi-Fi routers
    • Highly flexible
    • Portable
    • Designed to last longer
    • Can handle network congestion
    • Good for future-proofing
    • Good for future-proofing


    • A limited one-year warranty
    • Adapts slowly to setting alterations
    • Difficult to use when the setting buttons fail

     Frequently Asked Questions and answers 

    1. Is the speed enough for me?

    If you need a superfast speed, you should go for this device. It offers you up to 960 Mbps for downloading content across different internet sources. It has a fast Ethernet connection port to boost its connection speed.

    1. Is the device compatible with my local ISP?

    Yeah it is compatible with nearly all major ISP and cable providers including Comcast and Spectrum.

    1. Is it budget-friendly?

    Apart from assuring you maximum performance, it is also affordable on a fixed budget. It goes for USD 96.27 on Amazon, although the price keeps on fluctuating across different online markets.

    1. What does DOCSIS 3.0 mean?

    DOCSIS 3.0 means that your rooter can support data exchange system for your TV and other devices. It is a standard specification for improved speed and performance on third-generation devices.

     Buyer advice 

    If you are looking for speed, performance, and compatibility, then no other modem can provide all these in a package except this model. You can always get value for your money with its superfast speed ideal for internet connection at home and workplace.

    When buying it online, you must ensure you check the product description and specification to ensure you are purchasing the right one. This modem is almost similar to Netgear CM500 but only differs based on its key features. Do not confuse the two products when buying online.


    If you are looking forward to boosting your internet connection and enjoying endless online streaming with a superfast modem, then it is your perfect choice.

    The modem comes with crucial features ideal for commercial internet usage. Remember to invest your money in a highly popular product in the technology market. Netgear range of product assures you quality and performance you can rely on.

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