Netgear CM700 Review – Is it Best cable Modem?

Netgear Company has always been abreast with the trending and advancing technologies surrounding fast internet connectivity.

As such, they have in the past and continues producing some of the cutting edge internet connectivity devices.

Among their best is the Netgear cm700, a highly advanced modem cable offering high performance in connecting to fast cable Internet with speeds of up to 1.4 Gbps.

If you intend to connect to a high-speed internet connection, this device will be of more significant help than you imagine.

With its proper installation, you will be able to have fast browsing, easy to stream and download music/ videos or game online with no buffering.


The entire hardware making of the Netgear cm700 is a combination of high cohesiveness, subtleness, simplicity, and above all, beauty.

It looks more aggressive from its structural appearance having LEDs as well as sharp triangular shaped vent holes.

Precisely what they have combined are only essential elements a high-end modem would require no unnecessary bling.

Compared to a vendor bundled modem, this is slightly larger.

Unlike most of the modems, it comes with an in-built stand thus giving it a low footprint and therefore have a defined formula of placing it at a given position.

 The best recommendable position upright.


The device provides an entirely hands-off set-up procedure, one that is more automated.

With the simple process of plugging it into the power source and connecting your Ethernet cable to it, already you will be through.

What the modem does next is connected to your ISP and try to fine-tune to the best communication method automatically.

It does this by automatically running self-tests to find out which is the best performing for its dynamic handshake.

That should be a high-speed connection possible.

In cases where your device cannot make such activation automatically, the consumer will have to contact their ISP for such activation.

The problem might be that your ISP hasn’t yet embraced the use of this technology.

 Bandwidth and compatibility 

It utilizes the fastest communication machinery present in the current market, thus giving a possible bandwidth of about 1.4 Gbps.

When using more compatible internet service, you can comfortably download data at fast rates of up to 175 Mbps.

 Is Netgear CM700 compatible with Comcast? 

The device is compatible with almost all ISPs as it trails the DOCSIS 3.0 ethics to a T. Meaning, it can work on Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, XFINITY from Comcast Charter, and more.


  • High-Speed Cable Modem: DOCSIS 3.0
  • Quick install guide
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power adapter
  • Dimensions: 6.6 x 5.2 x 1.7 in, (167 x 132 x 69 mm)
  • IPv6 support – Internet Protocol Version 6
  • 32 downstream & 8 upstream channels
  • Weight: 0.55 lb (0.25 kg)
  • Memory: 8 MB NOR flash and 128 MB RAM
  •  Key Features 

    Reliable connection: Netgear CM700 connect to high-speed internet of up to 1.4Gbps. When connected to a highly compatible and reliable ISP, you can download videos, files, etc. at speeds of about 175Mbps.

    It, however, supports Cable Internet Service plans of up to 500 Mbps.

    High Compatibility: The device is compatible with almost all ISPs as it trails the DOCSIS 3.0 ethics to a T. Meaning, it can work on Time Warner Cable, Cox, Bright House Networks, Spectrum, XFINITY from Comcast Charter, and more.

    Connectivity ports: Comes with a Gigabit Ethernet port connecting to a WiFi router or PC and also Cable/ coaxial port.

    Load Balancing: this modem device uses a powerful processor with the potentiality to handle relatively large loads with lots of ease. It comes with four self-governing cores, each dedicated towards high operational throughput.

    Warranty: It comes with a fully supported 90 day warranty period, which allows you to receive replacement services or money refund to your product. Be keen to ensure they have this policy.


    • Highly compatible
    • Durable
    • Highly efficient
    • Easy installation


    • Do not work compatibly with the following;
    • Verizon
    • AT&T
    • CenturyLink
    • Bundled voice services

     Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

     Will I need to set a user password in this device? 

    Unfortunately, this is not any wired modem nor a wifi router, but modem. Passwords will only work when talking of wireless connection like Wi-Fi. It creates the signal out of the cable outlet and converts it into a fast wired connection.

     Why should I buy Netgear CM700? 

    When reliability and fast internet connection is your primary concern, then the model will surely be your best to purchase the item.
    It’s highly compatible, user-friendly, and relatively affordable as well.

     Does this model use a chipset? 

    Yes, of cause it does. It uses the dreaded puma 6.

     Where can I but it? 

    You can find this model both in the physical and online shops. There are those reliable retailers who sell original products of it, and they are the people you can rely on.

     Does it have monthly subscriptions? 

    No. The device is a buy one item. Once you have paid its tag price, you are free to use it free as much as you wish.

     Buying Tips 

    The main factor to consider while purchasing this model is mainly its original specifications.

    Netgear is a highly certified brand and often has a particular product specification for all their products.

    Thus, it will be your job to find out whether you are buying an original item according to the manufacturer.

    Also, consider the warranty information.

    This model offers a 90 day warranty period which allows complains relating to the technical operation of the product.

    The company provides replacement services or money refund in case you no longer need the product.


    The world today uses devices which in most cases requires connection to high-speed internet.

    Netgear has come in and is now producing high-end devices like this model for offering excellent performance.

    The device is handy, portable, and user-friendly.

    Its installation and general set up procedure is much easy and straightforward.

    With its connection to fast internet speeds, downloading and even streaming videos/ music/ files is much quicker than ever.

    However, as a buyer, stick to originality.

    The original product will offer you a platform to enjoy all these premium features of the Netgear cm700.

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