The Wi-Fi router’s signal in a home or office allows the occupants to access the internet conveniently.

Unfortunately, they are some areas that will experience poor connection. Other regions may totally be lacking connection. This is where a Wi-Fi extender becomes indispensable.

It is not a hidden fact if the Wi-Fi connection is poor, then the signal will be low. This means that you have to roam about the home or office to find the best spot to get a good connection.

Most times, the connection often fluctuates. You are then left to keep running after the signal. What a tiresome endeavour!

The use of Wi-Fi extenders is gaining a steady population. People love the fact that they can use the internet in whatever corner of their room.

Unlike before, about three or four people have to share one space to get the best connection strength. Wi-Fi extenders work with your existing router. It takes the available signal and amplifies it.

The extender also increases the range of this signal. This device allows the signal to reach every area of your home/ office without causing you too much stress.

The Wi-Fi extender will magnify the router’s signal through its frequency. This magnification allows the signal to reach far at the same strength.

It is important to remember that if the router’s signal strength is poor, it may affect the quality of the signal that the extender will distribute.

This implies that you have to place your extender in a spot with the strongest signal.

In your quest to get a Wi-Fi extender, you need to make the best choice that suits your need.

In this article, we shall examine the Ex7300 Wi-Fi extender. It is one of the best in the market today. Here is all you need to know about this Wi-Fi extender.

  • The EX7300 offers extended wireless coverage. It can cover up to 2,000 square feet. You can have about 35 different devices such as tablets, laptops, speakers, smartwatches, IP camera, IoT devices and many other devices sharing the Wi-Fi.

    Despite all these connections, you can be assured of a fast and wonderful browsing experience. This extender is ideal when you need several people to work together may be in a seminar or a workshop.

  • The Netgear Ex7300 offers seamless smart rotation. It uses your existing network SSID name. This ensures that you never get disconnected while moving around your home or office.

    For example, you may want to take your work from the study to the sitting room. This Wi-Fi extender keeps you connected through the walk from the study to the kitchen. When you get to the kitchen, you can also continue browsing without a hitch.

  • The Ex7300 uses AC2200 Wi-Fi speed. It provides up to 2200 Mbps of performance using a dual-band and proprietary FastLane™ Technology. It takes online gaming and HD streaming to an entirely new level. What a fantastic experience it is!

  • Netgear Ex7300 is a universally compatible device. It works well with any Wi-Fi enabled wireless router, cable, modem or gateway. As long as the source is Wi-Fi enabled, the Ex7300 will work with it.

    The Ex7300 has an Ethernet port. An Ethernet port is an opening on the device you can plug cables into. You can simply plug game consoles, streaming players or other wired devices into this port for the best internet experience.
  • This Wi-Fi extender is safe and secure. It supports WEP AND WPA/ WPA2 wireless security protocols.

  • The set-up of Ex7300 is straightforward. The whole process should not take more than 5 minutes. Once you power on the extender, you are half-way through the process.

  • As a parent, you can easily control your kids’ access to the internet using the Netgear Wi-Fi application.

    Download the application and put in the necessary details. You would be able to schedule when your child(ren) should have access to the internet. You can also determine how long you want them to stay online.

 Things You Need To Set-up Netgear Extender Ex7300 

  • A wireless router is the source of the Wi-Fi that the extender will distribute. You must have this device first before thinking of purchasing an extender.
  • A wall plug-in: you need the plug-in to fit the extender.
  • The Netgear Extender Ex7300: you obviously need to get the extender device before you can set-up
  • Netgear Wi-Fi application: this application is of great use. It helps you control the workings of the extender from your phone.
  •  How Netgear Ex7300 Works

    When setting up a Netgear Wi-Fi mesh range extender ex7000, you have to be plug very close to the wireless router.
    The next process is to switch on the WSP button on the router. After that, you have to wait for about two to three minutes for the Netgear Wi-Fi mesh range extender ex7000 and the wireless router to synchronize. 

    After synchronization is complete, the Netgear Wi-Fi mesh range extender ex7000 automatically comes on and displays the router’s network details.
    Once the hardware setup has been completed, the next step is to install the Wi-Fi analysis app to allow other range extender settings.
    At the top of the extender, there are LED lights that indicate the health and status of the extender’s connections. 

    • Blue: Best connection
    • Amber: Good connection
    • Red: Poor connection
    • Off: No connection
    • Blinking (blue): indicates that the Netgear Wi-Fi mesh range extender ex7000 is resetting to default settings.

    Netgear Ex7300 is configured for high speed. It allows you to connect to almost any device easily. The Ethernet port gives it a unique versatility status. You can plug any device directly into the extender.
    It offers the best Wi-Fi coverage and performance. This device uses one Wi-Fi name throughout the whole house. You need not change password or username as you move from one room to another.
    This extender has other powerful features like MU-MIMO and smart connect. They ensure that every device connected to the extender is open to the fastest available Wi-Fi connection.

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