The gaming routers are modern innovations to solve issues of lagging and inadequate network coverage. Routers generally allow multiple connections from different devices. They are usually of different types but with the same primary objective. 

  • Wireless Router: As the name implies, this provides a maximum wireless connection through Wi-Fi to mobile devices- laptops, phones, and even routers. It can serve as a network Ethernet source for a local area network, connected by cables.
  • A Wireless router can generate and broadcast network signals in your home and office. This signal is strong and fast enough to support every internet activity. It is, however, easy to set up and supported by a robust security firewall that prevents unauthorized users.

  • Brouter: This is a modern modification of a device that combines a bridge and a router’s features. In other words, it functions as a bridge and as a router. As a bridge, the data packets are broadcasted like a Bridge network. It creates a gateway and pathway for broadcasting signals and information from the source to the destination as a router. 
  • Broadband Routers: This is also known as a broadband modem One primary feature is the provision of high internet speed to all connected devices. It provides accessibility through its 3-4 cable ports. 
  • Getting the best Wireless gaming router for your online gaming experience might be quite tasking considering the variety of gaming routers from different brands. 
     TP-Link AC5400 TRI-BAND also referred to as ARCHER C5400X, is one of the best modern online gaming routers. It provides an unlimited stable internet connection and connectivity with different devices.

    TP-LINK AC5400 TRI-BAND can cover a small or wide area broadcasting strong network signals to every part of the home and office.
    Props to modern technology advancement, you can have a complete online gaming experience. 


    A router stabilizes and creates a gateway for a network device. It uses the IP address of the destination device, modifies the information, and creates a pathway for the data packets.
    The routing tables majorly determine the paths. Routers serve as a link between other network devices and the internet. The internet source is commonly a modem connected to the router with a cable. 

    The Routing tables provide the safest pathways through which data packets can be transmitted to the destination IP address.
    They play a crucial role in creating a default pathway for the router. The routing tables are typical of two types; STATIC and DYNAMIC.

    A Static routing table is installed manually to the router to enable its performance.
    The dynamic routing table is configured automatically in the router. It’s updated and version dependent solely on the network provider or source. 


    This gaming router is a fast network broadcasting device that transmits data at 5334 megabits per second. It allows stable connection- wireless, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth connection with different network devices. It has a frequency rate of 2.4 to 5 gigahertz.
    TP-LINK AC5400 allows multiple connectivities through its nine ports with other devices. Its high security prevents unauthorized users or connections.AC5400 has a vital power source, making it durable and resistant to electrical damage.

    It is a user-friendly device, easy to set up and configure. You can control it via the TP-Link router app or Alexa.


  • Fully Designed for Use: TP-LINK AC5400 is designed with 1.8 gigahertz and a 64-bit quad-core CPU. It also has three co-processors and 1gigabyte RAM that aids the efficient activity of the gaming router. Its dynamic optimization engine is fully updated and operates at a full scale to nullify lagging and drag. 
  • Artificial Intelligence Prioritization: This is the best router to use for an uninterruptible online gaming experience. TP-LINK AC5400 router has a modern design and configuration that prioritize the game over any other activities to avoid interruption. It guarantees your whole fun experience.  
  • Fast Speed: Enjoy quality time playing your game online with a fast wireless speed of about 2167 megabytes per second. It is designed with three cable bands to enjoy a stable network. As a tip, use a band specifically for your gaming alone; the other two bands can serve the remaining network devices. 
  • Safe Security Protocol: TP-LINK AC5400 has a built-in algorithm that protects it from threats and viruses. It is a convenient way to keep out unauthorized third-party users. The secure firewall protection method guarantees malicious access to your network device.
  • Safe Browsing with VPN Access: Public Wi-Fi is susceptible to hack and viruses; keep your device safe using the router’s secure VPN address. This keeps your device safe effectively.  
  • Safe and Trusted Brand: TP-LINK AC5400 has gaming at the core of its inception and production. It is a household name that is reliable, durable and serves its purpose maximally.
  • Easy to set up and Configure: Configure your router without extra cost and charges for configuration. Follow the assigned guide stated in the product manual. 

    The vital and most important thing to do first is to decide the position of your router. Next is to place it in an area close to your workspace and source a network device like your modem.

    After this, ensure it is connected to a power source and charged. Then, you could turn it on using its power button.

    Connect your router to a stable and secure internet source. The router has a port for cable network connections with an Ethernet or modem.

    After establishing a stable connection, check the router’s LED lights for confirmation of your relationship. Confirm your router is fully connected and active by connecting a device to one of the router’s ports.
    After this confirmation, the next step is to configure your wireless router gateway with all your devices. Each router has its gateway and path; configuring this setting with your devices will help prevent future issues with your router.

    The next essential step is to stabilize your router connection with a computer. Connect your computer or mobile device to your router using one of its internet ports.

    Login to the router app (if available) or log in directly to the router’s address provided in its cover or manual using your web.
    The above process is for your router. After login, set up your username and password. This is a
    standard security protocol to prevent unauthorized connections.
    After enabling your configuration, you might need to update your router’s software or firmware. This helps to fix bugs and provides new security protocols and opportunities for use. Check for available updates and enjoy unlimited options in your router.

    Every router has its auto-install features; they effectively aid your configuration and setup. Automatic configuration help manage the
    IP address with the use of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. 

    This distributes and modifies the IP address of other connected devices. These IP addresses can be altered later or configured to suit your aim.
    Finally, the router has firewall security measures that protect the network and your privacy. You can also enable other security measures and protocols through the router s web page.
    Set up maximum security networks with the VPN.
    TP-LINK AC5400 router is easy to configure without any hitch. Your gaming router is ready for use. Enjoy a complete online gaming experience without interceptions.

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