Leaving your home’s comfort to access a strong Wi-Fi connection is a practice that is fading away with the invention of Wi-Fi extenders.

This Wi-Fi extender is ideal for small apartments. It easily extends the wireless signal from the router.

It also has a signal strength indicator, which will allow you to find the ideal place for the signal to be efficiently expanded.

It offers a great range and offers a 2.4GHz signal at 300MBps, guaranteeing that you will have a high-speed connection.

TP-Link TI-Wa855RE is a model that can expand Wi-Fi zones in a relatively effective and fast way, having high-speed Wi-Fi throughout your home.

This amplifier offers a connection of up to 300MBps, amplifying the signal perfectly throughout your house.

It is a very easy model to configure, and with the press of a button, you will already increase the coverage in your home.

  • Brand: Tp-Link 
  • Technology: N300 + MIMO Wi-Fi range extender 
  • Network Standards: 802.11bgn 
  • Wi-Fi Speed: 300mbps 
  • Wi-Fi Bands: Single-band Wi-Fi speed, 2.4Ghz 
  • Wi-Fi Range: 800 square feet 
  • Series: N300 Antenas externas 
  • Weight: 119.1grams 
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 1.3 x 2 x 2.6 inches 
  • Voltage: 100240 volts 
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 98SE, NT, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Mac OS, NetWare, UNIX or Linux. 
  • Default Access: 
  • Default SSID: TP-Link_Extender


 Two External Antennas 

 This Wi-Fi extender has two visible external antennas. The antennas’ function is to capture and rebroadcast the router’s signal.
One of the antennas functions as a transmitter while the other serves as a broadcaster. 
This feature makes it possible for the Wi-Fi extender to capture the router’s signal. The extender then transmits and broadcasts this signal to the parts of the room.

 Easy setup 

The Wi-Fi extender TL-WA855RE is very easy to set up. There are three simple steps to connect your router to the extender.
The first thing to do is plug in the extender. Go to your router and press the WPS button. Then on your Wi-Fi extender, press the range extender to turn it on.
You are all set to enjoy an expanded Wi-Fi signal. The WPS button allows you to safely and quickly synchronize the extender with the router.
It saves you the stress of setting passwords or a lengthy installation procedure. The whole set-up process should not exceed 5 minutes.
It also has a smart indicator light to help you pick your extender’s best location. It is, without a doubt, straightforward and stress-free.
Placing the Wi-Fi extender in the best spot is essential in getting the best signal.

 Wi-Fi Coverage

TI-WA855RE expands your router’s Wi-Fi coverage. It boosts the coverage up to 800 square feet from the router’s location.
You can be sure of a strong and stable signal from wherever you choose to browse. You can relax and enjoy a good signal without stressing yourself.

 Ethernet Port

It has a single Ethernet port that can deliver a speed of 300Mbps. This extender has a port that allows you to connect a wired device.
Regardless, it is essential to note that it is a wireless device. It can provide strong and stable Wi-Fi to several devices like laptops, TV at the same time.
But if you have a device that does not support a wireless connection, all you need to do is plug it with the Ethernet cable. The device will also have access to the expanding Wi-Fi.


WA855RE Wi-Fi is a universally compatible device. You can connect it with any Wi-Fi router, gateway, or access points.

 Expanded Wi-Fi signal

The Wi-Fi extender’s primary function is to expand and redistribute the signal coming from the router.
Areas that the signal was previously absent will now have access to a strong signal. The distribution of the signal eliminates dead zones.
This ensures you enjoy uninterrupted signals on any device connected to the extender. You can always stay connected on your Smart TV, Smart Phones, internet browser, and game player.


TP-Link offers a two-year warranty on their extenders. This means that you could reach out to the company if you encountered a problem before or after set-up.
The company has technicians available to answer your questions and give you pointers where needed. TP-Link is a company that focuses on customer satisfaction.

 Single Band

This Wi-Fi extender has antennas with MIMO technology to expand the router’s Wi-Fi range.
It operates with a single band which is 2.4ghz. This allows it to capture the Wi-Fi signal and expand it to other areas of the room.

 Parental Control

With this extender, you can schedule the extender on and off to control the time your kids spend online.
If left unsupervised, most children will stay awake for the greater part of the night doing one thing or the other online.
Putting a restriction allows them to rest appropriately. They can perform well in school if they are well-rested.


This Tp extender can only cover a limited area, about 850 square feet. This makes it less than ideal for a large building. You must consider the space you want the extender to cover.
For an area above 900 square feet, this extender lacks the capability to repeat the router’s Wi-Fi signal to every corner of the building.
This Wi-Fi extender operates with one frequency, which is 2.4ghz.

The technology is not compatible with 5ghz. If you need a dual-band extender, you may need to walk away from this one. It is not suitable for your needs.


The most important step before buying an extender is determining the area you want it to cover. Once this is out of the way, you can easily pick a model that suits your needs.

TI-WA855RE is an extender that is good if the area you need it to cover is small. It expands the network within a limited frame.

But within that space, you will get the best of the signal from your router. Any device connected within that area will enjoy a lag-free Wi-Fi signal.

You will experience a difference in your router’s Wi-Fi strength.

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