Linksys WRT32X AC3200 – Gaming Wifi Router Review

Gamers want to have all the unlimited fun they could without network interruption. Linksys WRT32X AC3200 is a modern router specifically designed for gamers.

It possesses the same functionality and operates as a router but with different modern technological advancements and features. 

Routers generally have helped solve issues with comprehensive network coverage and sharing at home and office.

It is essential to mention that routers are designed differently, hence different types but with the same sole function. Let’s take a look at various forms of routers. 

Connectivity TechnologyWired, Ethernet
Frequency Band ClassDual-Band
Data Transfer Rate3200 Megabits Per Second
Wireless Type802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Number of Ports4
Security ProtocolWPA2-PSK
Voltage12 Volts

 Wireless Router

This is the most commonly used type of router due to its ease of accessibility and movement. It is designed with modern technology that establishes a connection with devices wirelessly.

Along with this, it has ports for cable connection with devices, making it a multipurpose machine to generate multiple links.

A wireless router allows connection with other routers or network sources, making it possible to establish a Local Area Network connection or wide-area connection. 

Its signal strength is not affected by the coverage; each connected device has unlimited and fast network coverage, available for all online activities.

The great advantage is that it is affordable, durable, and secure firewall protection against hacks.


This is a router that functions as a bridge and as a router. As the name implies, a bridge device arranges the data packets and transmits them without any quality technological adjustment. 

A router sets the data packets and finds a suitable gateway and pathway for both the source and the receiving device. These combined features in a device allow more functionality and fast broadcasting of data.

 Broadband Routers

This is also known as a broadband modem.  This is characterized by its high internet speed access to network devices. It allows accessibility through its 3-4 cable ports.
The cable ports allow multiple cable connections with other mobile devices. The broadband routers make it possible to establish a stable vast area network in your home and office. 

As a gamer looking forward to enjoying an uninterruptible network strength for the entire online gaming experience, Linksys Gaming router is the best call. 

LINKSYS WRT32X AC3200 is specifically designed and programmed to aid your online gaming experience.
It is suitable for a small area coverage as well as wide area. The number of connected devices does not affect the internet speed of the other instruments. 


Linksys WRT32X AC3200 is a modern dual-band wholly designed and programmed for a thrilling gaming experience. A gaming router that provides unlimited Internet access to all areas of your home and office.

It has a wired and Ethernet technological connectivity that transmits data packets at the speed of 3200 megabytes per second.
This gaming router is an entirely wireless type of router-802.11a/b/g/n/ac. It has cable ports (4) for other connections to devices- like modem, computers, or other mobile devices. It is powered by a 12 volts electrical output, controlled by a switch for regulation.
Furthermore, WRT32X is a perfect gaming router due to its distinctive operating system-Mac OS (10.X or higher), Windows 7, Windows 8.1 ( also works with Windows 10).
To ensure a smooth running and operation, the brand has a partnership with PC brands- Alienware, Gigabyte, MSandnd Razer.

Their cooperation with these brands has helped reduce peak ping times by 77%. This maintains a lag-free operation and smooth running of the system.
This router gives you an unlimited edge over your challengers and competitions in online games. With a solid and fast internet connection, you are a step ahead of fellow players, especially in action games.


Completely Engineered for gaming: Linksys WRT32X dual-band gaming router makes use of the killer prioritization engine to make your gaming activity the priority in the home or office.
This specialized attribute ensures a smooth operation and stable network coverage. 

Fast Internet speed: It has a relative rate of about 3.2 Gigabytes per second for exclusive Wi-Fi coverage. This quality speed provides quick access to all devices at home or office without affecting your game. 

A Customized Inbuilt User Interface: This feature allows you to monitor your internet activity. You can watch the speed, connected devices, signal strength, other elements through its programmed screen.
It also has secure firewall measures that protect your wireless router from unauthorized parties. 

Either wired or wireless connection, unlimited data access is available to all. Linksys WRT32X is also easy to set up and maintain. 


The most important thing to do first is to decide the position of your router. The first step is to place it in an area close to your workspace and source a network device like your modem.

After this, ensure it is connected to a power source and charged. You can then turn it on using the power button.

The next step is to connect your router to an internet source. The router has a port for cable network connections with an Ethernet or modem.

After establishing a stable connection, check the router’s LED lights for confirmation.
After this confirmation, the next step is to configure your wireless router gateway with all your devices. Each router has its gateway and path; configuring this setting with your devices will help prevent future issues with your router.
The next step is to stabilize your router connection with a computer. Connect your computer or mobile device to your router using one of its internet ports.

Login to the router app (if available) or log in directly to the router’s address provided in its cover or manual using your web.
The above process is for your router. After login, set up your username and password. This is a standard security protocol to prevent unauthorized connections.
After enabling your configuration, you might need to update your router’s software or firmware. The purpose is to fix bugs and provide new security protocols and opportunities for use. Check for available updates and enjoy unlimited options in your router.
Every router has its auto-install features; they effectively aid your configuration and setup. Automatic configuration help manage the IP address with the use of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

This distributes and modifies the IP address of other connected devices. These IP addresses can be altered later or configured to suit your aim.
Finally, the router has firewall security measures that protect the network and your privacy. You can also enable other security measures and protocols through the router s web page.

Your gaming router is ready for use. Enjoy a complete online gaming experience without interceptions.


Q: Does it work with Xbox and PS4? 

A: Linksys WRT32X is programmed to optimize connection with computers and laptops or mobile devices. In the case of Xbox and PS4, it has configuration options for them. Manual settings allow these devices. 

Q: Does this device aid online video streaming? 

A: The fact that it is called a gaming router doesn’t mean it can not aid other online activities. As long as there are a stable internet source and intense connection, you can connect any device to this router- wired or wireless and enjoy excellent internet coverage. 

Q: Does this device have inbuilt firewall security protocols? 

A: It has inbuilt firewall security protocols that ensure maximum device security and connection. It prevents illegal connections and hacks. It helps maintain access strictly for your use. 

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