Netgear Nighthawk WI-FI 6 Pro Gaming Router XR1000 review

It is not uncommon for people to describe a router as a modem. Still, there is a striking difference between the two devices.

First, their names are very different; this should tell you that there is a huge difference between both. A modem is the source of the internet in your home or office.

On the other hand, the router is a director of the internet from the modem to devices. The router and the modem are equally important as they work with each other to ensure you enjoy an internet connection in your work or home space.

The traditional function of routers is to broadcast the internet from the modem. It takes data from connected devices, processes them, and sends them to the internet.

Likewise, it brings results from the internet to the devices on the network. You can say that routers act as a bridge between the internet and your devices.

A typical router should be able to extend your Wi-Fi coverage to reduce dead zones.
It is necessary to consider some details before purchasing any router. The first factor to consider is the size of the home or the office. You do not want to buy a router that cannot broadcast the signal to every part of the building.

The next factor is the number of devices that will be on the network. Furthermore, the speed and specific use of the router matter a lot.
Netgear is a leading global telecommunications company that has dedicated its research, effort, and expertise to develop routers that meet your every need. This article will focus on one of the best-selling routers- Nighthawk XR1000.

It is an all-around router that offers extensive Wi-Fi coverage for the home and office. XR1000 comes with unique features that make it an excellent grab for devoted gamers. Apart from gaming, it ensures you get the best from any online activity you decide to engage in.

Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi
Frequency Band ClassDual-Band
Wireless Communication Standard802.11ax
Security ProtocolWPA2-PSK
Voltage100240 Volts
Controller TypeSwitch

Nighthawk Pro Gaming Wi-Fi 6 Router comes with some items in the box. Ensure all the items are in a good physical state. This product comes with a 90-days warranty; you can return it if they have any physical or technical damage. They include:

  • Wi-Fi 6 Pro Gaming Router XR1000: this is the router.
  • Antennas: There are four detachable antennas in the pack
  • An Ethernet Cable: for connecting the router to the modem. Please resist the urge to use regular cables because they are not built to handle the speed that XR1000 transmits.
  • The Power Adapter: The adapter is for plugging into an electric socket.
  • Start Guide: This manual describes how to install the antennas, the label’s location containing the password and username. It also contains some preliminary information about the router that you need to know.


  • Product Dimension: 11.61 x 7.87 x 2.51 inches
  • Product weight: 600 grams
  • External antennas: Four detachable external antennas
  • Ethernet Ports: Five Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Type of Beamforming technology: Explicit beamforming
  • Storage Memory: 512Mb RAM and 256M Flash.


 High speed

If you are looking for a way to boost your Wi-Fi signal’s coverage, then this is the right choice for you. It delivers a high speed of about 5.4Gps. XR1000 offers wireless Wi-Fi coverage at AX5400.
It maximizes the dual-band technology to optimize performance. The high speed makes it the best router for gamers. Gaming requires a consistent and fast internet connection, and XR1000 offers this and more.

 Universal Compatibility 

Nighthawk XR1000 is compatible with all gaming devices. If you fear that your gaming system is old technology, don’t worry because the router will deliver a fast and strong connection to it.


Have you ever wondered why your connection is lagging? It is because of interference from other servers and users nearby.
With the Geofencing software, XR1000 blocks distant servers and ensures you stay connected to your local network.

 The QoS Feature

Nighthawk XR1000 comes with a high efficient Quality of Service feature that allows specification of bandwidth.
For example, on this dual-band router, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz are assigned to different devices. The QoS feature ensures that the faster bandwidth (5GHz) is assigned to your game.


XR1000 comes with a tri-core CPU that has a processing capacity of 1.5GHz. The processor can support multiple devices while increasing the performance of wireless and wired devices.
Multiple users can stream HD videos, download files and play games with a high-speed Wi-Fi signal. 

 Gigabit Ethernet Ports

The Ethernet ports are easy to use. There is one port designed for connection with the modem. It ensures the internet flows from the modem to the connected devices.
The other four Gigabit Ethernet Ports allow wired devices to enjoy faster and better connections. Another benefit is their ability to minimize latency.


Nighthawk XR1000 works with WAP2/WAP3 wireless protocols. The security encompasses guest Wi-Fi access to create a different pathway for guest users to ensure your data is private.

Also, the VPN protects all the devices connected to your home network. It protects your data, your online history, and your browsing information. In addition, XR1000 comes with Netgear Armor security.

This cybersecurity software is exclusive to Nighthawk routers. It is one-of-a-kind cyber protection that covers all connected devices with a single subscription plan.

It comes with data protection, anti-malware, and anti-virus features. You can add Armor VPN to ensure your online activities are safe even when you share a public network.

Finally, the
Netgear Cyber Armor software was created by Bitdefender. Bitdender Inc is a global co-operation that provides a trusted solution to all your cyber issues. 

It protects your devices and data from software like Trojans, Adware, and Phishing. Immediately any of this malware is identified, the system notifies you and automatically blocks that server’s connection.


The Nighthawk XR1000 can be controlled via the Nighthawk app. Here are the reasons to download, install and use the app.

  • Control of the network: the app allows you have complete control of your home network. You can view all the activities on the network at a time. 
  • Scan Security: the app is a platform for you to monitor the Netgear Armor. It sends you notification of possible and neutralized threats. 
  • Parental Control: Smart Parental Control feature on the app allows parents and guardians to manage their kids’ online activities. It allows them to block access to some sites on their kids’ devices.
    The pause option allows parents to pause the connection and see what the kids are doing. This feature also allows you to put a limit to the time the kids spend online. 
  • Real-time dashboard: the app comes with a dashboard that allows you to monitor the network in real-time. You can see what is happening at that moment, any device taking up too much data or external devices trying to connect to your home network.
  •  Conclusion 

    Pro Gaming Router XR1000 is a gaming router that is in a class of its own. The tri-core processor ensures you have maximum speed and an amplified gaming experience.

    The Nighthawk app allows you to set up the router in a short time. It also provides an avenue for the general management and maintenance of your network.

    Finally, the app supports Alexa and Google Voice Commands, which allows you to use voice control in the network’s management.

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