Many individuals all over the world might go into panic if their internet access is unavailable for more than a few hours. People go to remote places for hiking and relaxation.

The tendency that the internet is low in those places is high. This is where the use of Wi-Fi comes into play. In a home, the internet strength is strong in some areas and weaker in other areas.

We cannot have this because everyone has one need or another for the internet. It can be very frustrating being a victim of unstable internet access.
A lot of Wi-Fi products are available in the market today. Gone are the days when sharing the internet was a big deal.

The Netgear Wi-Fi range extender EX3700, as the name implies, is a device that extends the internet signal. A Wi-Fi extender expands the internet signal to rooms that the Wi-Fi may not reach.

This may be due to walls, distance, or furniture. The Wi-Fi extender connection to your router may be wireless or not.

People tend to describe a Wi-Fi extender as a Wi-Fi booster because it boosts the network in circulation.

An earlier form of this device is a Wi-Fi repeater. Thanks to technological advancement, the Wi-Fi extender covers more space than its ancestor.

  • Extended wireless coverage
  • AC750 WIFI speed
  • Universal compatibility
  • Wired Ethernet port
  • Safe & secure
  • Simple to setup

A Wi-Fi extender works by taking ahold of the existing signal and redistributing it to every part of the building.

The chances of signal interference are significantly reduced. This increases the signal strength in every area of the home. The Wi-Fi extender guarantees uninterrupted access to the internet.

The device is quite handy, making it easy to be carried from one place to another. It is quite interesting how such a small device can hijack the network’s frequency and distribute it in a more available frequency.


This extender covers up to 1000 square feet. You can also connect fifteen devices with an AC750 dual-band wireless signal booster.
The Netgear Wi-Fi range Ex3700 works with a repeater with up to 750Mbps speed and a compact wall-plug design.


  • Extended coverage: it provides a wide range of wireless coverage for up to fifteen different devices such as laptops, phones, speakers, etc.
  • Wi-Fi speed: the Wi-Fi speed is increased despite the broad coverage of about 1000 square feet. It uses dual-band and fast lane technology.
  •  Set up process is easy: setting this Wi-Fi extender is simple. A WPS button connects the device to your router with one press. You may also use the Netgear analyzing app to determine the optimal location to place the Wi-Fi extender.
  •  Compactibility: this device works well with other devices. As long as the device you are connecting it with has Wi-Fi, it will work. It may be a modem, gateway, or wireless router.
    This Wi-Fi extender can work with old and new devices, either with modern or outdated technology.
  • It has a wired Ethernet port: you can plug in any wired device using the 10/100M port for maximum speed.
  • This extender is safe: this Wi-Fi range extender supports WEP, WAP, and WAP2 safety protocols.  


The first step in setting up is to plug in the Wi-Fi extender. You can turn it on by pressing the power button. Connect to the extender’s Wi-Fi.

It would help if you waited a few minutes for the network to load and eventually come on. Open a new tab on your browser to launch the extension.

Enter “” to open the start-up page. Read the terms and conditions carefully and tap “I agree.”

The next step is to fill in the admin information: filling this information gives you access to the network. You choose a unique password to protect your extender.

You also need to pick two questions that serve as a recovery password when you forget your password. When you correctly answer these questions, you are redirected to a page where you can conveniently change your password.

The extender searches for the local network and if it does not find it, click “more.” Manually type in your existing network name and password, and that should do the trick. Select the SSID and password for your extender.

It will take a few minutes for the configuration to be complete. Once you finish the set-up, you are ready to browse with your Wi-Fi extender.

You may encounter some problems when setting up your Wi-Fi extender in some cases. Not to worry, there are a few steps you can follow to resolve the issues. They include:

Reboot the system: the first thing to do when you experience difficulty with your extender and router is to reboot both.

Restart the extender to refresh it and allow it a few moments to breathe. It would help if you also restarted the main router to refresh it. Refreshing it will enable the router to overcome some errors and work properly.

After rebooting, try to connect the extender to the main router. Open your default browser and rerun the set-up page. Fill in the necessary information, accept the terms and conditions to move on to the next step.

If the problem persists, reboot the extender again and restore the default setting. You may also need to clear your browser’s cache and history. This is to remove whatever may be causing a glitch in the extender’s working.

Connect your computer’s Wi-Fi to the extender’s default network. Open your default browser and do the configuration process again.

Once the extender has been successfully configured and installed, you are ready to start browsing.
Netgear Wi-Fi range extender EX3700 is the perfect choice to boost your network signal. When installing, ensure you set the extender in a place with up to 50% network strength. This increases the chance of the connection.

Any device that uses the internet may be connected to the extender. Many devices in a different part of a building can also access the internet once they join with this Wi-Fi extender.

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